It’s Tuesday, which means an all-new episode of Hart of Dixie is on tonight — and with all new episode comes all-new outfits. 😉

It’s no secret that I’m a Rachel Bilson fan, especially when it comes to her fashion sense. Dr. Hart is not only smart and funny, but she is always right on trend. What I personally love is how she manages to look so stylish, and yet it never fails to be in such an effortless way. Obviously, us women can go through outfit after outfit in front of that mirror every morning — but the key is to dress so that no one knows that! It’s tough — especially when I’m having a stare-into-the-abyss moment in front of my closet. But I try to live by that. And Dr. Hart’s effortless style definitely reflects that each episode.

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Now, when it comes to Lemon’s style, I can’t really relate. But one thing’s for sure — that girl always looks flawless. Her and Anna Beth have the southern belle look down to the T. And then there’s Zoe’s new best friend (and Lavon’s frenemy) Ruby. She’s new this season, so we haven’t seen too much of her wardrobe to make a full analysis. But from what I’ve seen so far, Ruby’s sense of style is just as sleek as the cool tone in the way she speaks. Something about her look screams sophistication.

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Needless to say, the beauties of Dixie are master fashionistas, each reflecting their character perfectly. And some of your favorite designers are featured every week for their wardrobe! Check out the image below of Lemon, Ruby, Anna Beth and Zoe… we’ve got shoes from Tori Burch, Marco Santi, Via Spiga, and Mui Mui… Lemon’s clutch is a Tori Burch, her belt from J.Crew… and dresses from Karen Walker, Black Halo, Marc Jacobs, and Parker.

Even off-set, these women are known for their fashion eye. Rachel Bilson and Jaime King, especially. (Notice how Jaime is always featured each week on CW #stylegrams!). Now we just need Miss Bilson to get herself an Instagram account, too!

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Be sure to watch the all-new episode of Hart of Dixie, tonight at 8/7c on CW69!