One of the scariest Haunted Houses in America had to frighten a famous actor last Saturday. Josh Hutcherson plays Peeta in the popular film adaptation of “The Hunger Games.” He has been in Georgia filming the sequel, “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” with Jennifer Lawrence and other cast members. Hutcherson and “Catching Fire” crew stopped by Netherworld in Atlanta for a good scare.

From personal experience, Netherworld is terrifying (in such a good way). If you use the porta-potties, be aware, ghoulish creatures and pig-faced monsters may be lurking inside. See a photo of Josh Hutcherson at Netherworld here. The Haunted House is open every night from October 5th to November 3rd.

So far, “The Hunger Games” crew and set designs have been spotted at Atlanta’s Swan House and recently, a new photo cropped up from of a scene with “The Hunger Games’s” Justice Building. And an added bonus, there are actually extras on set and in costume. Whoever captured the photo is quite a sneaky fan.

Becca Ritchie