Scott Porter plays the charming southern lawyer, George Tucker on the CW show “Hart of Dixie.” This summer I interviewed Porter on the red carpet at thepremiere of the ATX Television Festival in Austin, Texas. ATX Television Festival website

Mike: Hi, Scott

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Scott Porter: Pleased to meet you

Mike: I am glad you guys got picked up for the new fall season.

Scott:  So are we. We are excited for the new season to start.

Mike:  Did you enjoy the finale of “Hart of Dixie” last May?

Scott:  I did. I think we did a good job of turning the relationships on their head and setting up a pretty epic second season.

Mike:  Your character is going to have to make some big decisions and make a lot of changes in his life.

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Scott:  Changes have been forced upon him by a lot of people that are around him. He thought when he came back to Blue Bell that he was going to get married and he was going to have an easy, happy life. Then Zoe (Rachel Bilson) came to town and stirred things up. He made some poor choices of his own and then found out about the affair between his fiancé and the mayor. So George will be forced to recalibrate the way that he acts. George is a very selfless person by nature, which is his biggest fault. He gets himself into trouble by trying to help everyone else, and ignores what he needs to do and to look at. This season he is definitely going to have to do some self-examination.

Mike:  And he has people pulling him every which way. Being the nice guy, he tries to help everyone but it ends up sometimes hurting him.

Scott:  Yes, exactly. He’s his own worst enemy, in a way. When Zoe came to town, he stood up for her and by doing that he got closer to her than he probably would have. Then towards the end of the season, he is just trying to make his relationship work with his fiancée Lemon (Jamie King) even though he knows there is something missing; that there is something wrong between the two of them. It’s that selfless nature that gets him into trouble. This season he is going to have to stand up for himself, stand a little taller and take responsibility.

Mike:  I know all the fans of “Hart of Dixie” loved the trip to New Orleans and the scenes at the bar between George and Zoe.

Scott:  I hope we will see more of those kinds of scenes between Zoe and George. I hope we see more of that side of George; that kind of him against the world mentality which gives him an edge. It gives him a little more of a backbone, which I think the fans would love to have more of in the second season for George.

Mike:  Well, thank you very much and enjoy the second season of “Hart of Dixie.”

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“Hart of Dixie” premieres, Tuesday October 2nd at 8 pm on CW69.