I love a good Georgia success story. Jeff Campanella’s route to a guest spot on CBS’ “NCIS” is just that — a major success. Campanella was born and raised in Sandy Springs.  While at Auburn University, he displayed his acting capabilities by performing in seven University plays.

Like any aspiring entertainer, he moved to New York City in hopes of fulfilling his dreams. There, he landed two Off-Broadway shows in the heart of Time Square, “Caligula” and a spin-off of “Tony and Tina’s Wedding.” Two years ago, Jeff decided to take a shot at Los Angeles. He says, “Trying to break in the business has had its share of heartbreaks.” After booking a role on “Teen Wolf,” his agent sent some bad news just as he prepared to fly to Atlanta to film the next day. His role had been cut from the script.

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However, in any great success story, struggles accompany triumph. In 2012, Campanella landed two national commercials for Miller beer and Nintendo Wii. And of course, he scored a spot on “NCIS.” During the table read, he sat next to Mark Hamon of all actors. Lady Luck has certainly met with Jeff Campanella this year.

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Be sure to watch out for Campanella as his career begins to rise. You can also find out more about him at his website or on imdb.com. While luck has been on Campanella’s side, he couldn’t have achieved success without a heavy dose of dedication and talent. As they say in theater, bravo (and a round of applause)!

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Becca Ritchie