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Robert Sheehan, 24

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The Irish actor has come all the way from an E4-turned-Hulu hit series to nabbing a major role in a film adaptation of a mega-popular YA novel. Yep, I’d say Sheehan is on the rise to great things. With his spot-on comedic timing and gangly build, we could possibly have another Jesse Eisenberg on our hands. Or perhaps even an Evan Peters.

Where You’ve Seen Him: He starred as the comic relief in the superpower television show “Misfits” that first aired on E4, a British digital television channel. Josh Schwartz, the writer-producer of CW series “Hart of Dixie” and “Gossip Girl”, pursued a US version of the British sci-fi series and shopped around the spec script. Instead, he joined Rockne S. O’Bannon and Stephanie Savage to produce CW’s “Cult” — a mid-season show about TV fandom.

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What’s Next: Sheehan plays Simon Lewis in “City of Bones” — due to release August 23, 2013. “City of Bones” is the first book in Cassandra Clare’s urban fantasy series, “The Mortal Instruments.” In the novels, Simon fawns over Clary (Lily Collins), his best friend of 10 years, while she discovers the dark world of Shadowhunters. Sheehan’s expertise in comedy should help Simon’s “friend zone” status come across endearing rather than puppy-dog pathetic.

Are you a Robert Sheehan fan? Do you think “City of Bones” will be a hit or a miss? Would you watch a US version of “Misfits?”

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