Remember when going to arts & crafts class used to be the highlight of your day?

Well I can’t guarantee you a hall pass, but I can tell you that one of the top arts & crafts shows in the nation is here!

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The Yellow Daisy Festival at Stone Mountain Park opens this Thursday and features over 400 artists and craftsmen from thirty-eight different states and two countries. This amazing festival features many unique creations and other exciting events like craftsmen demonstrations, clogging, and live music. As families meander through the wooded trails searching for the perfect creation, the mission of the festival still holds strong: re-connecting families and friends with fun, shopping, live entertainment and good food.

The festival starts September 6 and runs through September 9.  You can find the festival at the Special Events Meadow at Stone Mountain Park.

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-Wendell Scott

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(Full Disclosure: Wendell Scott is a former employee at Stone Mountain Park)