And while everyone was listening to the contestants belt out their songs this past week, I was busy looking at what they were wearing. I know, it’s a curse.

Three things I’d like to bring to your attention — three styles that are really in right now, and if you haven’t already started adding these to your closets, you’re going to want to!

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1. Host Allison Hagendorf’s tassel necklace. I could dedicate a whole Trend Watch series to the tassel trend, that’s how ‘in’ this staple is. Whether it’s on necklaces, purses, shoes, or dangling from your wrists from beaded bracelets, tassels are everywhere you look these days in the fashion world, and I love it.

2. Contestant Cori Yarckin’s patterned skinny jeans. Personally, I want this pair.

nx101c 0692b ae03655b t3 The Next Style

Pictured: Cori Photo: Jon Farmer/The CW © 2012 The CW Network. All Rights Reserved

At the beginning of summer, it was all about the colored skinny jeans, remember? Bright colors like peach, mint, and turquoise were in just about every store window, and you were repinning images of them on Pinterest. I know, because I was too. With the end of August coming ever closer, and fall fashions just around the corner (which is my absolute favorite fashion season!), our bright colored skinnies are going to be exchanged for, what? Patterned skinny jeans. Get excited.


Photo: Jon Farmer/The CW © 2012 The CW Network. All Rights Reserved

3. Gloria Estefan’s leather jacket over her white ruffled blouse. Putting on black leather is almost like putting on an alter-ego. The minute that cool leather touches my skin, I instantly feel tougher. And then there’s that white blouse we have in our closets that transforms us into the professional women we are. But … what happens when you combine the two? The perfect balance of edge and femininity. A perfect toast to girl power.

Catch The Next on Thursdays on CW69.

P.S. — Did you notice contestant Itzy’s chunky platform shoes? 😉


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