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Nicole Anderson, 21

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This Indiana native competed in gymnastics at a young age, and after retiring due to injuries, she would later go on to star in a show centered on the sport. Why she’s rising? Anderson stole the screen in her recurring roles and will move on to star as the younger sister of a well-known CW actress.

Where You’ve Seen Her: She played Kelly Parker, a recurring character in the gymnastic show Make It or Break It on ABC Family. The show, which just wrapped its final season, is about a group of young girls vying for a spot on the US Olympic team. Anderson shaped mean girl Kelly Parker into a dynamic character that we loved to hate. You may also spot her in Jonas brother’s television series Jonas as Macy Misa.

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What’s Next: Anderson will play Heather Chandler in CW’s Beauty and the Beast, premiering in October. Heather Chandler is the younger sister of homicide detective, Catherine Chandler (Kristin Kreuk). There haven’t been many flashes of Heather Chandler in the previews, but I suspect she’ll be a huge part in her sister’s life considering their mother’s death kick starts the series.

Anderson and Kreuk even hang out on-set. Check out Anderson’s tweet:

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