Recently, Miley Cyrus debuted her insanely short hair — not even cut off at the shoulders. Not even below the ears. She has chopped it all away, shaved the sides, and added bleach to the mix. Now a platinum blonde, this former Disney star seems to be embracing her inner Tinker Bell. I’m kinda liking the change. But not all hair opinions are created equal. So what do you think?

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Her abrupt contact with a pair of shears has me pondering other celebrities who went through extreme haircuts. Who can forget when Emma Watson freed herself from her locks after Harry Potter wrapped production? The transition from long to pixie-cut became a triumphant one for Watson, and for the most part, fans seemed to take kindly to the new style.

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Then again, Cryus’ change could certainly become the uh-oh of 2012.

Keri Russell had a tough break after she clipped her stunning curls during season 2 of Felicity, leaving only a couple of inches to desire. Felicity’s ratings declined after Russell’s new boyish hairdo. As a girl with extreme curly hair, I once suffered a tragic haircut in the fifth grade for doing a bob. I can safely say that curly hair is never meant to be short, especially not that short.

So what do you think? Will Cyrus’ bold move have the Watson effect or the Russell effect?

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Becca Ritchie