Now that the dust is settled, I must admit I’m a Twi-hard. I’m such a Twi-hard that on the eve of my 21st birthday, I wasn’t getting prepped for my first night of legal drinking; I was sitting in a crowded theatre waiting for the midnight showing of New Moon to begin. I love Twilight because of Robert Pattinson. Let’s be clear about one thing: My fondness for Pattinson has nothing to do with his on-screen personality. In fact, nothing about Edward Cullen is attractive to me. Regardless, anything Twilight-related never fails to grab my attention.

When I first heard about the Kristen Stewart cheating scandal I was in disbelief—and not just because the not-so-credible Us Weekly broke the story. To put it nicely, I’m not the biggest fan of Stewart. In addition to being the real life girlfriend of my dream man, she’s not the most enjoyable person to watch on or off-screen.

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So when I finally saw the now infamous photo of Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders spooning Stewart, my mind was frantic. A couple hours later my head just about exploded when I read Stewart’s statement admitting to the “momentary indiscretion,” a phrase I’m sure Stewart included so to imply the affair was short-lived. While the picture itself is shocking, Stewart’s desperate publicapology still has me reeling. For someone who prides herself on keeping her personal life private, her statement admitting guilt and asking Pattinson for forgiveness was uncharacteristic to say the least.

However, the photo and public apology is just the tip of the iceberg. Us Weekly’s cover story and photos are even more revealing. The two were trying to remain inconspicuous; but c’mon… is making out heavily in a car before taking it outside at a nearby park really inconspicuous? In one of the more salacious pictures, you can only see the top of Sanders’ head with Stewart’s back to the camera, leaving us to use our perverted imaginations.

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Kristen Stewart may not be my favorite person, but it’s difficult for me to judge her harshly. Even though she cheated on my beloved Pattinson with a married man, I can’t help but be a tad sympathetic. I can’t comprehend what it must be like to have embarrassing photos splashed across the Internet, or publicly humiliating my longtime boyfriend.

With the scandal still newsworthy, it’s difficult to discern whether or not Stewart’s “momentary indiscretion” will affect Breaking Dawn: Part 2, or her place as Hollywood’s highest paid actress. As a Twi-hard that’s able to differentiate fan fiction from the real world, this scandal isn’t going to deter me from seeing the final movie. The same can’t be said for other, more passionate Twi-hards who have vowed to boycott the last film. November is a long time away, though. Perhaps even the most loyal followers of Bella and Edward might forgive Stewart by then. One thing is for sure though: the press tour for Breaking Dawn is something not to be missed.

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-Jennifer Cleary