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Jake Abel, 24

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The handsome young actor has played the villain and the tragic hero while making memorable guest appearances in hit TV shows. He proves that he’s more than just a pretty boy in Percy Jackson & the Olympians, and he has an unforgettable face that’s hard to shake off. If you see him once, it will be extremely easy to spot him again. With his next big role and a Percy Jackson sequel, Abel’s future looks incredibly promising.

Where You’ve Seen Him: Jake Abel had a multiple guest arc on the CW’s popular series Supernatural where he starred as Dean and Sam Winchester’s half-brother. He shook up the series and appeared in a game changing season finale.

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What’s Next: He’ll play Ian O’Shea in the film adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s adult novel, The Host. The fandom for The Host is not as strong as Meyer’s Twilight series, but very few things are. I predict a slew of Twi-hards will still be in attendance, and maybe even Twi-haters. I’ll certainly be in a comfy theater seat, looking out for Abel on the big screen.

Are you a Jake Abel fan? Will you be watching The Host? Sound off below!

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