After three seasons of mischief and mayhem in Mystic Falls, you would think we’ve seen everything by now. Season 4 this October will prove to take a drastic turn — our favorite witch dabbles in some hair dye. Yes, that’s right. Kat Graham is blonde!

Graham plays The Vampire Diaries’ resident witch, Bonnie Bennett. After her estranged mother turns into a vampire, Bonnie is in definite need of a change. Why not start with her hair?

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Kat Graham (pictured middle right) joins the “blondetourage” with costars Claire Holt and Candice Accola.

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I think the blonde suits Kat Graham, but honestly, the girl could buzz her head and she’d still be gorgeous. What do you think, lovely readers? Are you liking the switch or are you hoping for a re-write midseason to bring back the brown?

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– Becca Ritchie