A good midnight movie consists of three ingredients:

  • a cup full of costumed fans
  • a pinch of laughter from the feverish audience
  • a dash of cheering at the end

It signifies a great, clap-worthy film. For those of you who’ve never experienced the fandom at midnight, I suggest you start buying some tickets early to The Dark Knight Rises. Midnights are special. It’s where the geeks come out and share their love for something that’s taken years to create. Every midnight experience is different. It depends on the theater and the crowd that shows up. But out of the bunch I’ve attended, I can safely discern a good experience from a lackluster one.

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The Amazing Spider-Man

Source: Sony Pictures

Let’s start from the beginning. If this was say, The Hunger Games or Harry Potter, I would have shown up to the theater two hours early. But

alas, it was not. So I safely made my journey to the cinema with an hour until showtime. Upon arrival, I was given a free Spidey T-shirt just for attending the midnight screening. Not all theaters do this. In fact, I’ve only ever been given free things one other time (in the same theater no less).  If I remember correctly, it was a poster for the movie Wolverine. That might have been the only perk to seeing that film.

Free shirt in hand (and a pair of 3D glasses), I trekked my way to the theater, expecting to find it half-full. When I entered, to my utter horror, there were maybe ten other people sitting in the leather seats. Half of me was scared that my experience would be a dull one, but most of me feared for the movie’s turnout. Going into Spider-Man, I hoped that the adaptation would exceed everyone’s expectations. And the only way it could do that is if people actually showed up to watch it.

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Fifteen minutes until showtime, the theater filled and I exhaled in relief. By far the worst part of my experience was the lack of Spider-Mans (Spider-men?). I expected ten costumed fans. However, there were zero. Zero! I saw more Spidies at The Avengers midnight movie, and he

wasn’t even in that film. I’m hoping you all had more spandex superheroes in your theaters. C’mon guys… I want to see more of you in spandex.  Where is your Spider-man courage?!

The best part of the experience was the cheering during the movie. The most laughter came when Andrew Garfield was getting used to his new spider abilities. The biggest applause, however, seemed to be for Garfield and Emma Stone. As the young romance bloomed, I think we were all completely invested in their love story. By far, it’s the reason to go to the theater now. Don’t ask questions. Just go, you’ll fall head over heels mad for both of them.

Overall, the experience was a slow start, but it paid off in the end with a movie worth seeing twice. Bonus: As we were coming out of the theater, the manager was calling out, “Free cereal! Who wants free cereal?!” Literally, they were passing out mini-boxes of corn flakes. Pure awesome.

Did you see The Amazing Spider-Man at midnight? How was your experience? Tell us below!

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– Becca Ritchie