Magic Mike opened in theaters last weekend and Deadline spilled the news that the shirtless wonders are going to be headed for a different kind of venue. Broadway. The plan is to have Magic Mike: The Musical on stage by summer of 2013. The director and actor from Magic Mike, Steven Soderbergh and Channing Tatum, plan to produce the musical.

After seeing the film in all its (naked) glory, I have to say that a musical is a smart decision. The movie itself is a stage production. These strippers perform on stage for the on-screen audience. How amazing, jaw-dropping would it be to actually be the audience they dance for? Sure, we could all go to a male strip club, but for the less adventurous, a musical seems like the perfect alternative.

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Lovely readers, would you see Magic Mike: The Musical? I sure would. Sound off below!

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 Becca Ritchie