Stars Hollow, Connecticut from Gilmore Girls – Luke’s Diner, anyone? This quirky show would not be the same without an equally eccentric small town. Stars Hollow just may be the role model for fictional places. This is how it’s done, folks. Filming Location: Beverly Hills and Burbank, California and Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Everwood, Colorado from Everwood – The snowy setting of this family drama was quite refreshing. The lovable Ephram Brown and uptight Dr. Harold Abbot gave viewers warmth each week through their trials and tribulations. The cold suddenly seemed welcoming.  Filming Location: Odgen, South Salt Lake, and Draper, Utah (with the exception of the pilot)

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Tree Hill, North Carolina from One Tree Hill – The small town resembles childhood youth. The nostalgia is apparent from the normal high school gymnasium, no glamorous high-tech screens or bleachers, to the simple River Court. Those places could have easily belonged to you, and that’s what makes Tree Hill so special.  Filming Location: Wilmington, North Carolina

The Pirate and the Practice


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Bluebell, Alabama from Hart of Dixie – Bluebell takes a page from Stars Hollow and ups the quirky factor with this zany little town. Watch Zoe navigate Bluebell as she hits up the Rammer Jammer where hunky Wade Kinsella bar tends and then heads back to her place, which is set close to a swamp…and a neighboring alligator. Current Filming Location: Los Angeles, California (Warner Bros. backlot)

Smallville, Kansas from Smallville – The corn-filled landscape of Smallville was where Clark Kent turned from a boy with temperamental superpowers to full-fledged Superman. Smallville reconstructs Kent’s high school, farmhouse, Metropolis, and even the Daily Planet from the famous DC comics.  Filming Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Mystic Falls, Virginia from The Vampire Diaries – Virginia is the perfect setting for the supernatural show. The storylines of old vampires revolve around the late 17th century in the New England area. Current Filming Location: Covington, Georgia

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