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Brave opens this weekend, and by now, we should all be familiar with a strong heroine wielding a bow and arrow. Hunger Games’s Katniss Everdeen propelled us into the world of archery, and I expect kids will follow her lead. As young (and brave) women overcome obstacles with a quiver on their back, who wouldn’t want to imitate their fierce determination and strength?

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Hunger Games and Brave are not the only movies we’ve come across with archery. In fact, television has also made a splash with the popular weapon. Check out our favorites below:


Arrow (The CW)

After a deadly shipwreck, Oliver Queen must juggle between the careless party boy he used to be and the vigilante he wants to become. Reminiscent of another DC comic adaptation, The Dark Knight, this show is one to watch.

Best Archery Scene: Oliver shoots about six tennis balls into a wall! Talk about good aim.

Teen Wolf (MTV)

Allison Argent, a daughter in a family of werewolf hunters, uses a classic bow and arrow to slay beasts.

Best Archery Scene: She impales a tree trunk and a burst of sparks emits from the arrowhead. Everyone loves a good fireworks show.



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The Avengers (2012)

Hawkeye works for S.H.I.E.L.D as a sniper. The lonely man has an assortment of arrows that very rarely dwindles.

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Best Archery Scene: The tip of his arrow is a flash drive…we’re guessing you remember the rest.

Robin Hood (2010)

One of the first green clad men with a bow by his side. Although critics didn’t heavily favor the film, Russell Crowe gave us a great deal of heart in his portrayal of Robin Hood.

Best Archery Scene: Too many to count. Although the battle scenes were particularly enjoyable to watch.

Robin Hood: Prince of Theives (1991)

A little before my time, but the first of the modern day Robin Hood stories.  Kevin Costner starred as Robin Hood and Morgan Freeman as his Moorish sidekick battling medieval corruption.

Best Archery Scene: The first use of computer animation to show the flight of the arrow from the arrow’s perspective.

Ten Things I Hate About You (1999)

Granted, there’s only one scene with archery in this classic 90s comedy.

Best Archery Scene: Bianca gives us some of the best comic relief as she misses her intended target during P.E. and hits her teacher.

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Remember any other great scenes or archers? Sound off below!