When I went to see this movie, the theatre was filled with many pregnant women.  That should have been my clue to flee.  Obviously pregnant women have crazy hormones that cause impaired judgment.  I had no excuse but that darn trailer fooled me!  The film What to Expect…looked so cute and funny.  It wasn’t.

If you didn’t know that the movie was filmed in Atlanta, you will by the time the credits roll (if you make it that far).  I liked seeing my hometown proudly shown on the big screen.  Probably half the scenes take place in Piedmont Park.  It was a beautiful backdrop for all the men to walk around with their strollers filled with children.  You get to see the infamous “Screen on the Green” take place in the park.  Unfortunately, the park isn’t doing it anymore.  Delta Airlines makes their presence known to the viewers. There are banners and signs for Delta all over the park during the Screen on the Green scenes.  Way to go Delta!  How much did you have to pay for that exposure?  One of the dads wears a lot of Georgia Tech t-shirts.  Besides the fact that I hate that team with a burning passion (UGA grad) and was raised that way…I am glad that in the end they represented a Georgia team.

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The problem with the movie is that there were too many talented celebrities with not enough talented script writing.  There were a lot of comedians in the film including Chris Rock.  I was excited about their roles but all of the jokes and punch lines seemed to fall flat.  They didn’t quite hit their mark and could have been funnier.  What a waste of great talent.   I give the All-Star performance award to the child who played Chris Rock’s clumsy son.  Constantly in casts and falling down, he was quite the hit.  He’s definitely the funniest of them all.  Too bad I couldn’t find his name in the credits.  Poor 4 year-old.  That’s Hollywood!

There are a lot of plotlines that follow various couples.  They don’t quite go in-depth enough with each one so you don’t feel much empathy for the characters.  I didn’t really care how much pain a woman was in from giving birth no matter how many times I heard the actress scream.  Eh.  The stories are a lot like the Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve movies. They sort of intertwine but you don’t really realize it until the end.  Unfortunately for What to Expect, the audience does not really care at that point.

The highlight of the film was Chace Crawford of Gossip Girl fame.  He was quite dreamy and it was nice to see him as a character different than the rich and preppy Nate Archibald.  His storyline with Anna Kendrick from Twilight was the most enjoyable.  I’d watch a movie just about them!

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If you can’t tell by now, I was not the biggest fan of the film and I’m willing to bet you won’t like it either.  If you want a comedic chick flick, check out Bridesmaids or the always classic Mean Girls instead.

If you do go to see, just don’t expect a good movie.


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