I was lucky enough to get an inside sneak peek of what the CW television station has in store for us viewers in the fall.  How exciting!

All of our favorites are back, thank goodness.  I will still have my guilty pleasures of Gossip Girl, 90210, and The Vampire Diaries.  Hart of Dixie, Supernatural, America’s Next Top Model, and Nikita will also be back.

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On a sad note, Gossip Girl will only be a half season and then the series will be over.  I truly feel Gossip Girl put the CW on the map.  All that catty, rich girl drama is like frozen yogurt for girls – we go crazy for it!  Now it will be over in the winter and I really hope that all the cast quickly find new CW roles so that I can still see them on a regular basis.  I’m not sure how I am going to survive without my weekly dose of Chuck Bass.

America’s Next Top Model will be making a change for the next season.  Instead of the Queen of Smizing and her judges making the decision on who stays on the show each week, the viewers will.  That means US!  I love when they give us the power!  I think this will be an exciting change.  Now we can invest more in the episodes and the girls we love on it.  However, we may not be the best experts at deciding who would make the best model, but we can vote for the ones that add the most drama.

There are five new shows coming to the CW.  That’s right, five.  Better clear your schedules now.  It’s no fun to start a series midway through it.  Too confusing.


Based upon the DC Comic character, Oliver Queen as the Green Arrow, (think Smallville).   It is about a young billionaire who went missing for several years. Everyone thought he was dead until he is discovered on an island.  He is brought back to the real world but doesn’t want to live life like he used to.  Instead, he wants to use his survival skills he learned on the island (like using a bow and arrow) and become a vigilante.

Beauty and the Beast

A promising new showing airing this fall starring Kristin Kruek of Smallville fame.  She is a detective living in New York who discovers a man in the city that has some interesting traits.  Supernatural “beastly” ones, if you will.  Oh yeah, and some mysterious men are trying to kill her.  And did I mention… the beast is HOT!  His smoldering good looks had me panting while watching the preview.

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Emily Owens, MD

Move over Grey’s Anatomy, you’ve become boring and we have a new show coming alongThis new doctor show is about a young woman who starts her medical career at a hospital only to discover it is just like high school… including the girl who tormented her.  A happy reunion it is not.  Emily Owens is played by Meryl Streep’s daughter.  You can definitely tell because she looks and sounds exactly like her mother.  Let’s hope the acting talent is in their blood.  It looks like there is going to be lots of drama with the other new residents and a lot of interesting surgeries.  I wonder if there will be as much “playtime” in the sleeping rooms in the hospital as there is on Grey’s.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed.  Medical drama lovers, you are in for a treat.  Hart of Dixie and Emily Owens, MD will be airing on Tuesday nights together.  That’s a lot of medical jargon for one night!  Justin Hartley from Smallville (I seem to be sensing a theme here) plays her unrequited love interest.  Ooh… let’s play doctor!


Suspense and mystery abound in this story about a man whose brother goes missing and is believed to be involved in a cult.  The plot is very intriguing.  The best thing about this show is the lead, Matthew Davis (That’s Alaric Saltzman for you The Vampire Diaries lovers).  I am so glad he is getting the chance to be a lead in a show.  He is yummy.

The Carrie Diaries

This is the new show I am most excited about.  It premieres in the spring.  Yes, that is Carrie as in the infamous Carrie Bradshaw.  It is a series that follows Carrie in her high school days befor e she became a big shot writer in New York.  Being the nerd that I am, I have already read The Carrie Diaries series by Candace Bushnell.  She is the same author who wrote Sex and the City.  The best thing about this show is that it takes place in the eighties.  My favorite decade.  I cannot wait for the ridiculously awesome fashion, classic music hits, and some Carrie Bradshaw life wisdom… even if it is coming from her teenage self.  I am sure it will be helpful.  After all, she was always wise beyond her years.  Let the shoe shopping begin!

CW, it seems that you have added a lot of suspense and mystery to your new shows. I cannot wait to check them out myself and fall in love with some new characters. Let’s give Ian Somerhalder some more competition!


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