Nicholas Sparks is one lucky guy. His novels are constantly being turned into big blockbuster movies and he can pretty much get any lead actor his heart desires. And boy does he choose them well. Following in the steps of Ryan Gosling, Channing Tatum, and Liam Hemsworth is former Disney star Zac Efron in the new film, The Lucky One.

Like Sparks’ other stories, this one takes place in the country. The beginning, however, starts off in the Middle East with a soldier at war. Logan (Efron) inexplicably finds a picture of a woman in the middle of some rubble while stationed overseas. The woman seems to act as his guardian angel as he somehow survives surreal situations. When he returns from war, he is determined to find this woman to thank her. After a long Google search (can you say stalker?) and an even longer walk (he claims to have walked from Colorado to Louisiana) he finds Beth, the woman from the photo. Logan cannot find the words to explain why he is there and ends up working for Beth and her mother without telling them the whole story. Romance, fights and hot (!) shower scenes ensue.

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The Lucky One

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You have to have a particular love for sappy movies and cliché lines to enjoy Sparks’ films. If that is in your DNA makeup, then you’ll be in your comfort zone. The concept is quite melodramatic and superficial. There is not much to the plot and some of it seems… a bit out there. It’s best to suspend your disbelief. I want to know what search engine Logan used to be able to find a woman from just a picture with a lighthouse in the background. Talk about diligence when it comes to looking at Google Images! This movie did not seem to have as much heartbreak and sadness as other Sparks’ films. However, there are plenty of “awwwws” and sighs that will be audible throughout the film. After all, a love story has got to invoke emotion out of all girls and women of the world in order to be successful!

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Zac Efron does not have many poignant lines. He is a soldier that is content to work hard and be on his own. He is definitely more of the strong, silent type. But hey, if you look like he does, you can be as silent as you want. Efron has grown up from his previous Disney roles quite nicely. Trust me girls, the movie is worth seeing just to stare at his smoldering blue eyes, perfectly trimmed facial stubble, and ripped body. Oh yeah… and you get to see him work with animals. You can’t beat that. I ended up feeling like the lucky one.

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