Year after year, it is inevitable that “average” people like me have a tendency to get wrapped up in other people’s relationships. And by “other people” I mean celebrities. Why is it so interesting to learn when one famous actor and one famous singer get together? I have no freakin’ clue. It must be that whole star power thing. Or I have no life. You can’t help but get emotionally involved when you hear your favorite “it” couple have called it quits. There is also that excitement when two people get together and you realize, ah… they are so beautiful together – definitely meant for each other! Below is my list of favorite Hollywood couples. Who is or was your favorite? Tweet me: @GeorgiaGirlCW

1. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Gardner

Actor Ben Affleck and actress Jennifer Garner.

Actor Ben Affleck and actress Jennifer Garner. Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for VH1

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Now this is one cute couple. Once Mr. Affleck realized the ridiculousness of him marrying J-Lo, he met and fell in love with bad ass Alias star Jennifer Gardner. I love how real their relationship seems. They have three adorable children and seem to stay out of the spotlight. Most pictures you see of the couple are at a playground or taking a walk with their kids. They seem to be really grounded and know how to live a normal life. Plus, everyone wins when you still get to see the two in movies on their own. This couple seems so genuine, but Ben, shave that ridiculous beard off your face, please.

2. Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams

Actress Rachel McAdams (left) and Actor Ryan Gosling accept the award for Best Kiss for The Notebook onstage during the 2005 MTV Movie Awards

Actress Rachel McAdams (left) and Actor Ryan Gosling accept the award for Best Kiss for The Notebook onstage during the 2005 MTV Movie Awards. Photo By Kevin Winter/Getty Images

I know the two are no longer together and it breaks my heart. Anyone that saw the couple in The Notebook knows how wonderful their real-life romance seemed. You can’t just fake that kind of chemistry for a camera! (Cynical editor’s note: It’s called acting.) After filming the movie together, the two confirmed they were in a relationship. I mean, did you see their acceptance for “Best On Screen Kiss” at the 2005 MTV Movie Awards? It was so hot! They reenacted the scene from their movie and it made every girl swoon and wish they were Rachel McAdams running into Ryan’s strong, capable arms. But alas, the two were young and decided to break up. I am only hoping that in 7 years (just like in The Notebook) they somehow get reacquainted.

3. Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr

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Model Miranda Kerr and actor Orlando Bloom

Model Miranda Kerr and actor Orlando Bloom Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

It is always nice to see two celebrities in different fields fall in love and have a successful relationship. Between Orlando and Miranda, I bet they have to juggle a lot. I’m sure Victoria’s Secret Models have to work out for like, 6 hours a day or something… maybe 3 days a month. I am impressed Mr. Bloom was able to snag such a hottie since he hasn’t done anything good since The Pirates of the Caribbean and even in those movies he was always second to Johnny Depp. It was so cute watching Orlando cheer Miranda on at the annual VS Fashion shows. Recently, the two had a baby boy together. With his parent’s DNA, he is going to be one smoking’ hot blue-eyed ladies’ man. But the question is….will he have a British or Australian accent? And who will be able to tell the difference?

Also in my list of favorites are Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, and Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. However, I have other things in my own life to attend to today (or do I??) and I probably shouldn’t spend my days crushing on famous peoples’ love life. I’m going to try and be more productive. Maybe I’ll run into Ryan Gosling first…I mean, I’d rather him be with me than Rachel McAdams any day!

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