This St. Patrick’s Day I decided to go big or go home, which of course meant going big…in SAVANNAH! Savannah, Georgia is known for having the second largest St. Paddy’s celebration in the United States, right after NYC. Since I am pretty proud of my Georgia roots, I decided it was time for me to see all the festivities firsthand.

It was HOT. The only thing hotter is Ian Somerhalder. I arrived in the city at 8am and parked about a mile from the town square. I figured I’d take parking where I could get it. The news projected that a million people would attend…in Savannah?! How are they going to squeeze everyone in? Once parked, I followed the throng towards the heart of the city. It was amazing to see how people decided to dress up for the holiday. There were a lot of witty shirts. “Check out my Shamrocks” and “I’m magically delicious” were two popular choices as well as a number I can’t mention. All the high school freshman girls in attendance went all out with the hooker look including red lipstick. When will they learn that sexy does not mean skanky? It reminded me of a casting call for America’s Next Top Model. I decided to forgive their appearance once I learned red lipstick is a parade tradition involving young girls kissing boys.

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The parade was interesting at first, but after a while it backed up and there was a lot of waiting around for the people to continuing walking. The best part by far was Budweiser’s appearance. They showed up with eight magnificent Clydesdale horses! Talk about gigantic…I’ve seen smaller houses. The cherry on top of the cake was an adorable Dalmatian walking behind the horse drawn cart. I felt like I was in a Budweiser commercial. If only they were throwing out cold beers rather than candy.

Once I grew tired of the parade I headed down to River Street. The closer I got to the water, the drunker the crowd became. Did I mention it was only 11am? It was like going to the Kentucky Derby or the Indy 500. Then I realized they were probably still up from the night before…just like the people at the Derby and 500. It definitely reminded me of my college tailgating days. As I carefully navigated down the steep steps to the street, I saw a mass of people in green and knew fun was waiting for me. There were stages set up with live bands, stands for heaven and hell foods (funnel cakes are pure heaven…and then you feel like hell after you finish one) and lots of other places selling items and providing entertainment.

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Unfortunately, I was unable to get a drink from the legendary Wet Willies. The line was about 100 yards long. If I wanted that coveted Call-A-Cab drink, I should have shown up at the door at 8am…on the 16th. The coolest thing about Savannah is their open container law…or rather the lack of one! You can buy a drink and carry it with you as you explore River Street. Now that is what I call good thinking or, should I say, good drinking. I can’t decide. With the beautiful weather, it was great being surrounded by drunken crazy people while walking around the cobblestone city.

If you haven’t been to Savannah for St. Patrick’s Day, it is a must at least once. Yes, there will be obnoxious drunks. Yes, there will be large crowds. Yes, there will be gross port-a-potties. But it is a life experience one needs. Just bring plenty of anti-bacterial gel. And be sure to book your hotel a year in advance! Also, think of drinking as a marathon, not a sprint. Green sickness should not be experienced.

Especially before noon.

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