Get a little romance, a lot of comedy, some action sequences, and add Chelsea Handler and what have you got? This Means War. This movie covers a range of movie genres and has a very wide audience appeal. I was definitely surprised by all the witty sexual banter. This film is about two best friend CIA agents fighting over one girl. Lucky for the girls, both gentleman are strikingly handsome. Though I must admit, I have a soft spot for British actor Tom Hardy. You get to watch Hardy and Chris Pines put their bromance to the test as they battle it out over one of America’s sweethearts: Reese Witherspoon. Witherspoon plays good girl Lauren Scott who is new to “playing the field.” Luckily, she has Chelsea Handler for a best friend. Handler brings her wit and…hmmm…I wouldn’t quite say charm…to the big screen. She has plenty of great one-liners that we have to come to expect from the raunchy late-night comedienne.

The two agents are constantly wreaking havoc on the other’s dates. The back-and-forth dates between the two carry on at a quick pace and don’t slow the movie down. You also get the opportunity to watch some great fight scenes and explosions. Hot guys, dirty one-liners, and fights! What more can anyone ask for?

If you want to go see a movie for Valentine’s Day, this movie will probably be the most appealing for the guys. Well, Safehouse is probably the most appealing, but let’s be honest: You want something with a hint of romance on this day. Be prepared to laugh and be entertained as Hardy and Pines crank up the competition trying to win the girl of their dreams.

georgia girl