ATTENTION ALL THE NOTEBOOK FANS! I have found a new movie for you to obsess over. Heartthrob Channing Tatum and sweetheart Rachel McAdams have teamed up for the ultimate new romance movie: The Vow. This movie has an unusual plot where a four year relationship it swept away with a car accident. (Dramatic…I know.) Paige (McAdams) wakes up from a coma after the accident. Due to a brain injury, she has lost her short-term memory and her last recollection is from years before she met her husband Leo (Tatum). The movie takes us through a series of events where Leo tries to show Paige how much they loved each other. The film shows a lot of hardships that the couple has to go through including old Paige not crazy about Leo.  The girl may have lost her vision along with her memory.  C’mon Paige… Have you seen him… particularly with his shirt off?!  She must be blind. 

The Vow

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The movie really tugs on the heartstrings at moments. You especially feel the heartbreak that is affecting Tatum’s character. There was a point when a tear fell down my cheek. I’d be ashamed to admit it, but I heard everyone else’s sniffles in the packed theater so I knew I wasn’t alone.

I do not want to tell you how the movie ends, but I will say I do not think it provided enough closure. I was not ready for it to wrap up the way it did.

The movie is definitely a bit corny and people who hate romances will hate this movie. But, Valentine’s Day is coming up ladies and it’s the perfect excuse to drag your man to a movie YOU want to see. Sorry gentlemen, it is another over-the-top romance movie you will have to endure for the sake of your relationship.

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The film is sure to make every couple jealous of the love the two actors have with each other. And if you’re not into that, then just look at the delicious eye candy on the big screen. Tatum has multiple appearances without his shirt. Ow-Owwwwww!


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