A day comes every year when a guy’s testosterone gets the best of him and he dresses up in the appropriate attire and prepares for the biggest game of the year: the Super Bowl. To me, this day means something entirely different. It is a chance to gather with friends, eat delicious finger food, drink merrily, and watch some (hopefully) good commercials. I consider the whole “football” aspect as the downfall of the evening.

Last night I made some cheese dip (why does everything that tastes so good have to be so bad for you?!) and headed over to a friend’s house. Once there, I immediately realized I had to choose which team I would be rooting for. Decisions, decisions. Since I didn’t know much about either team, I decided to make a choice the only fair way I knew: hotness. Hey, it beats tossing a coin. After examining the respective quarterbacks, I decided that I would just have to root for the Patriots. I mean, Tom Brady in that uniform…NO CONTEST! Unfortunately, it seems that the guys didn’t appreciate me taking a liking to New England’s team based solely on the looks of the star player. Too bad. I focus my attention more on the commercials, anyway. I learned that if anyone wants to make a successful advertisement, just include either a cute dog or a talking baby. Better yet, USE BOTH!

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When it came time for the half time show, I was excited to see what the Queen of Pop would throw my way. I was extremely disappointed. Not only was it obvious that she was lip-syncing, but she did not seem to have a lot of pizazz or effort put into her performance. Thank goodness LMFAO and Nicki Minaj showed up. I think my favorite thing about the performance was Madonna’s boots. Someone please let me know where I can get a pair of those!

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As the fourth quarter drew to a close I was slightly buzzed and completely full after devouring chips, wings, and brownies. When the last play finished and Tom Brady did not succeed, I pitied him for a moment. But then I remember…he still gets to go home to one of the hottest supermodels to ever grace the Victoria’s Secret lingerie catalog. I am sure Gisele will find a way to make him feel better.

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