By Maxwell Billieon

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Relationship expert and reformed cheater Maxwell Billieon uncovers the hidden truth about unfaithful men and why deceitfulness is causing the demise of the human family as he teaches women everything they need to know about men who take advantage of their emotions. Ray J’s very public relationships made front-page headlines worldwide. He exposes his secret devious past as he learns how not to cheat through the principles that Maxwell Billieon has used to make countless men stop cheating. There are “Six Virtues of the New Man” and “Death of the Cheating Man” reveals them all in a groundbreaking, entertaining and informative way.

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Every woman’s nightmare is finding out that she will be alone on Valentine’s Day. If you’ve ever felt the heartbreak that being jilted on Valentine’s can bring, then this is for you. However, you should know that you’re not alone. “The Valentine’s Day Massacre,” as I have coined it, devastates millions of unsuspecting women every year all at once, leaving them feeling abandoned and in tears.

Surprisingly, what so many women fail to realize when they are hit with the news that their lover won’t be spending Valentine’s Day with them, is that there may be something much more sinister lurking behind a man’s absence on the national day of love.

In my book, Death of the Cheating Man, I wrote a chapter about this Valentine’s Day massacring of women that revealed the tactics of a married man I’d known in my teen years. He showed me how he placed his two girlfriends to the side just before Valentine’s Day, so he could be hassle free to spend it with his wife. All the while, neither of his unsuspecting mistresses had any idea that he wasn’t really working on V-Day, as he’d claimed. The truth was that he wasn’t spending Valentine’s Day with either of them because neither of them was, as I like to call it, “The One.”

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So, how does a woman really know that she isn’t the one on Valentine’s Day? To help uncover the truth, here are five signs that every woman must learn if she wants to keep from ending up all by herself on the biggest couples day of them all.

You know you aren’t the one if:

1. Your man claims that he has to work or go out of town for Valentine’s Day.
Men know that V-Day is reserved for the special person in their lives. A man that is dedicated will usually reserve that day to be with you no matter what. If a man claims that he can’t be around, then you aren’t the one.

2. Your man asks you to spend the day after Valentine’s with him instead.
When a man pushes you to the day after, it usually means he has more important obligations on the day of… get it? That means you aren’t the one.

3. Your man can only spend Valentine’s Day with you during odd hours.
Traditionally couples spend the evening of Valentine’s Day together. “Night time is the right time,” as the song says… so unless your man works the night shift, trying to see you for breakfast or lunch, or after hours, means he probably has other obligations during the hours that count. That means you aren’t the one.

4. Your man turns his phone off on Valentine’s Day.
If you can’t get in touch with your man on a day that is supposed to be reserved for you, then you definitely aren’t the one.

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5. Your man gets sexy Happy Valentine’s Day texts or tweets from women you don’t know.
Any faithful and committed man makes sure that other women know he is taken. Single women don’t just randomly send men sexy Valentine’s Day wishes for no reason, especially not by phone or social network. So if he’s getting hot V-Day wishes from other women, you aren’t the one.

The bottom line is that if a man really cares for you, he will want to spend his time with you on Valentine’s Day. Remember that the New Man is all about putting his woman first. So if the man you’re with doesn’t do that, then he’s not the one!

Wishing you a Happy and Faithful Valentine’s Day!

Maxwell Billieon