There comes a point in every girl’s life when she looks back on her childhood and realizes that Disney ruined her emotionally when it comes to men.  Starting from a young age, we watched from the couch as Princess Jasmine, Snow White, and Cinderella were rescued by “Prince Charming.”  In short, Disney introduced us to the man of our dreams and then left us growing up and constantly searching for our own Prince Charming.  They gave us unrealistic expectations of men.  I kind of feel sorry for the men that have to go through life trying to imitate every girl’s fantasy of falling head over heels in love and having their own fairytale ending.  That certainly puts a lot of pressure on men and that high bar causes women to be disappointed when they have trouble finding their own prince to sweep them off their feet.

Recently, Beauty in the Beast 3D came out in theaters.  Since this was my first Disney movie, I knew I had to go see it again.  Seeing the story of Belle and the Beast come to life on a large screen (and in 3D no less!), I was reminded of how much I loved these movies. 

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However, I realized that Beauty and the Beast is different than your typical cotton candy prince and princess film.  In this film, the attractive, popular and strong man was Gaston.  Ewwww, Gaston!  What a typical narcissistic jerk!  He is the Disney version of Charlie Sheen.  Apparently this didn’t bother the townspeople because they seemed to love the man.  Luckily, Belle wasn’t like everyone else and had a mind of her own.  She chose to follow her own path. 

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I believe that Belle is a heroine that girls should look up to.  She did what was unexpected and fell for the ugly, beastly creature.  Belle didn’t wait around for her Prince Charming to sweep her off her feet and neither should we.  I recommend going to see Beauty and the Beast 3D …if you can put up with all the little kids constantly talking and screaming.  Perhaps they ought to ban kids from Disney movies so I can enjoy them.  Yeah… right.  It was great to reconnect with a movie from the past, hear the wonderful music and get reacquainted with the exciting cast.  After all, it is a tale as old as time…


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