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One Day


Source: Focus Features

Emma (Anne Hathaway) and Dexter (Jim Sturgess) meet on the day they graduate college and spend the night together. They each go their separate ways, but they stay in touch. The film shows them connecting each year on the anniversary of the night they were first together.
One Day website

What to Watch For: Can an “art-house” director, Lone Scherfig (An Education), bring to the screen a mainstream film that audiences are ready to see?

Word on the Street: An Oscar nomination could be in the cards for Hathaway, perfectly cast as the focused-driven teacher who pines away for the man she knows may be wrong for her.

Conan the Barbarian:


Source: Lionsgate

In this reworking of the 1982 Schwarzenegger film, Conan (Jason Momoa) sets out to avenge the destruction of his village and get revenge for his father’s death. On his quest, he battles war lords, evil witches, and monsters, as he is the last hope to save the world from the forces of evil.
Conan the Barbarian website

What to Watch For: Can little-known Momoa (Stargate: Atlantis, Game of Thrones) fill the sandals of the mighty Arnold?

Word on the Street: The movie is heavy on special effects and uses Sci-Fi favorites as Ron Perlman (Hellboy), Stephen Lang (Avatar), and Rose McGowan (Grindhouse) in the cast to reel in the fan boys.

Fright Night


Source: Dreamworks

High school student, Charley (Anton Yelchin), discovers he has a vampire (Colin Farrell) as a neighbor. Charley, though, can’t find anyone who believes him until he convinces his favorite TV host (David Tennant) to help him bring down the vampire.
Fright Night website

What to Watch For: Will nostalgia bring back the fans of the original 1985 Fright Night film, and will this film eat Conan’s dust?

Word on the Street: Colin Farrell’s on-screen enthusiasm shows he had a blast playing the vampire, and Dr. Who’s David Tennant, as the late night TV host who fills the shoes of the late, great Roddy McDowall, adds to the film’s energy.  Buffy scribe, Marti Noxon, wrote the screenplay based on the Tom Holland 80’s version.

Attack the Block

Attack the Block Poster

Source: Sony Pictures

This British horror/comedy film was the talk of the South by Southwest Film Festival.  A teen gang in a low income housing project takes on an alien invasion in London.  Think Shaun of the Dead, but instead of zombies, aliens are the freak show.
Attack the Block website

What to Watch For: Can this low-budget horror film find a widespread audience, or will it only be popular among the Sci-Fi geeks?

Word on the Street: Audiences at sneak previews are going wild over the non-stop action and witty dialogue.  Actor John Boyega, who plays the gang leader Moses, has impressed Hollywood in this, his first movie.

If you can’t make it to the theatre, then stay at home and watch movies on CW 69 this weekend.

Saturday at 3:00 pm

11:14 (2003): 5 random people with 5 different stories come together one fateful night at 11:14 pm. An impressive cast, including Henry Thomas, Barbara Hershey, Hilary Swank, and Colin Hanks, make up this story of murder and intrigue. Look for How I Met Your Mother’s Jason Segel to make an appearance in a small part.

Saturday at 2:00 am

Fright Night (1985): Charlie (Chris Sarandon) loves staying up late to watch horror films on TV, hosted by a washed up actor (Roddy McDowall). Then a mysterious stranger moves next door, and Charlie soon believes he has a vampire as a neighbor. Can he convince the TV host to help him bring down his un-dead neighbor?

Sunday at 2:30 pm

X-2: X-Men United (2003): The X-Men must deal with a mutant assassination attempt on the President, and the backlash against mutants that it causes. Plus, there are plans to bring down Professor X and his school. The X-Men will be challenged like never before, and their survival will depend on whether or not they can band together.