Barcelona Day 2

Mood: Talk to the Hand

The next morning we got up and started exploring. We literally walked about 6 or 7 miles. Who needs to work out when you are in Barcelona without transportation? I took all this walking to mean I could eat as much gelato as I want. Good move! We went into a market that had a lot of fresh fruits and meats. I prefer to not see my meat before it is cooked and sitting on a plate in front of me. OMG! Seeing a skinned lamb’s head with the eyeballs still intact did not quite make my stomach growl with hunger. Ewwwww!

After getting the touristy things out of the way… we moved on to the greatest thing Barcelona has to offer: beaches. The weather was beautiful and there was a perfect breeze coming just off the ocean. We spent almost all day there. Swimming in the Mediterranean…check that off my to do list!

As many of you have probably guessed, there is definitely a liberal half of the beach. We went on a walk along the beach and came across this area of older men and women who decided to openly flaunt what they’ve got. And that’s putting it nicely! It was a little too much. After reaching my limit of nudeness, my friends and I turned around and walked back to our area of the beach. Ahhh… bathing suits in sight, what a relief!

While hanging out on the beach, there were constantly people walking around trying to sell you things. It was very annoying. “Beer, cerveza, water, aqua?” No thanks. “Massage?” No. “Want these authentic Ray Ban sunglasses for only 10 euros?” Ha, yeah… right. The pestering was non stop, and ladies, let me tell you: no matter how much they “swear that Louis Vuitton bag is real”…it is not. No one can buy a large Louis Vuitton or Chanel tote for the equivalent of $50. Do not believe their designer lies. However, whenever the police came in the area, they scattered so quickly it was quite humorous. I guess they did not want to offer a police officer a nice cold beer or Gucci purse?

Georgia Girl