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6 YA Novels that Scare

Need to curl up with a good scary book right before Halloween? Nowadays, finding Young Adult horror novels is a bit tricky because vampires, demons, and ghosts aren’t so frightening anymore. Not when they happen […]


Nikita Friday 9pm

CW Stars’ Best Tweets (Oct 8 – 14)

Welcome to the Best Tweets of the Week! Stop by every week to see a compilation of CW star tweets — sometimes hilarious and other times cool (set photos, series hints and more!) After a […]



YA Books: New October Releases

October has almost arrived, and with it, pumpkins, brisk weather and a bundle of new YA novels. I was lucky enough to read a couple of them before they released, and yes, they are more […]


lympic Athlete Matt Shirvington and wife Jessica  attend   the 7th Annual ASTRA Awards at The Royal Hall of Industries, Moore Park on April 20, 2009 in Sydney, Australia. The ASTRA (Australian Subscription Television & Radio Association) Awards celebrate talent and programming across 80 channels.  (Photo by Mike Flokis/Getty Images)

CW Develops YA Novel ‘Embrace’

CW’s already eyeing show concepts for next season, and a recently published YA novel has been given the “ok” for development, meaning a script will be written and major players have been attached to the […]


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Rising Actors Under 25: Robert Sheehan

“Under 25” chronicles young, upcoming actors that you should be watching.  Robert Sheehan, 24 The Irish actor has come all the way from an E4-turned-Hulu hit series to nabbing a major role in a film adaptation of a […]



Best 2012 YA Debut Authors

Debut authors pop up every year, and out of the new crop, there are always several that stand out among the rest. In 2011, that author was undoubtedly Veronica Roth with her YA dystopian “Divergent” that […]



2012 Decatur Book Festival recap

Labor Day weekend welcomed the largest Independent Book Festival in the country with thousands of book lovers, talented authors and a roasting, yellow sun. Yes, it was hot in Decatur, GA, but attendees could grab […]


"Red State" Portraits - 2011 Sundance Film Festival

Rising Actors Under 25: Kyle Gallner

“Under 25” chronicles young, upcoming actors that you should be watching. Kyle Gallner, 25 From guest starring roles to a horror movie star, Kyle Gallner has made an impressive stride in the film and television industry. Though, non-avid […]



YA Books: New September Releases

As September approaches, a variety of new YA books will be shelved and ready for distribution, and as a book blogger (Nawanda Files), I have the privilege to read advanced copies before they’re available to the […]



YA Authors At Decatur Book Festival

Over three hundred best-selling authors will be attending the 2012 AJC Decatur Book Festival. The seventh annual book extravaganza starts August 31st and wraps up September 2nd in beautiful Decatur, GA. It’s like the Lollapalooza […]