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Arrow Wednesdays 8pm

‘Arrow’ Recap: Father Knows Best

[Spoilers from episode 6 below] You know you’re in for a good action-packed episode with a bank heist opener. Here are the Good, the Great, and the Brilliant moments. The Good: Tommy Merlyn asks Oliver’s […]


Hart of Dixie Tuesdays 8pm

‘Hart of Dixie’ Recap: The Election

[Spoilers from episode 6 below] The election! After five episodes of teasing whether or not Ruby Jeffries would dethrone Lavon Hayes, we finally have a Mayor in Bluebell, Alabama. Keep reading to find out who […]


The Vampire Diaries Thursdays 8pm

‘TVD’ Recap: Team Human

[Spoilers from episode 5 ahead] Wow. I did not expect that. Just when you think you have “TVD” figured out, the creators pull the ancient vampire-owned rug underneath your feet. Last week’s episode set up for […]


Arrow Wednesdays 8pm

‘Arrow’ Recap: Supervillains

[Spoilers from episode 5 ahead] Who would have thought Oliver Queen would be investigated as the mysterious Hood so soon? Last episode, he was cuffed and accused of being the Robin Hood-like vigilante for grabbing […]


The Five

‘TVD’ Recap: Brotherly Love

[Spoilers for episode 4 from here on out] We received some answers in last night’s flashback-tastic episode featuring the original vamps with long, Fabio hair. Elijah makes a surprise appearance while siblings Rebekah and Klaus bicker over […]


Hart of Dixie Tuesday 9pm

‘Hart of Dixie’ Recap: Dreamscape

[Spoilers from episode 5 from here on out] “Hart of Dixie” sure knows how to play with my emotions. One minute, I’m yelling at the television (really, it was directed at Zoe, “Make up your […]


The Vampire Diaries Thursday 8pm

‘TVD’ Recap: Cha Cha Changes

[Spoilers for episode 3 from here on out] “The Vampire Diaries” ended last night with a cliffhanger of doom. Could anyone wrap their minds around that cryptic message? Klaus has all the answers, and right […]


Supernatural Wednesday 9pm

‘Supernatural’ Recap: Origin Story

[Spoilers from episode 4 from here on out] Sometimes “Supernatural” likes to go all creative on us. Last night, the show paid homage to found footage films — think “Paranormal Activity,” “The Blair Witch Project,” and […]


Hart of Dixie Tueday 9pm

‘Hart of Dixie’ Recap: The Lioness

[Spoilers from episode 4 from here on out] Who would have guessed that we would start yet another episode with Zoe and Wade in bed together? I’m not complaining one bit. By the end, a […]


Hart of Dixie Tuesday 9pm

Double Trouble

While Zoe (Rachel Bilson) tries to keep things casual with Wade (Wilson Bethel), she becomes jealous after she sees him with another woman.  Zoe decides to two can play at that game, and sets up […]