Stone Mountain Park

Weekend Now: Stone Mountain Park

Weekend Now: Spring Fun Break!

This was only a taste of the fun you’ll have when you visit Stone Mountain Park! Don’t miss out on the adventure. Here’s all of the information you need: Stone Mountain Park: Spring Fun Break! […]



Best Summer Vacation Activities In Atlanta

Lucky local residents get to benefit from that large selection of summer “staycation” destinations as they herald the arrival of the season of the sun.



Highland Games and Scottish Festival

Could it be? Could there finally be a place where I can wear my kilt with Scottish pride? Yes! Join me on Saturday, October 20th and Sunday, October 21st at the 40th Annual Stone Mountain […]


Chili Cookoff

The Day I Judged a Chili Cook-Off

A couple weeks ago I took part in judging the 33rd annual Miller Lite Chili Cook-Off. As a chili enthusiast, I was excited to taste what I assumedwould be some of the best chili in […]



10th Annual Pumpkin Festival

If you haven’t gotten enough of your Pumpkin Spice Latte or the smell of your pumpkin scented candles, get ready for the 10th Annual Pumpkin Festival coming to Stone Mountain Park on September 28th. Every […]


events - yellow daisy festival - artist sketches

Bring on the Yellow Daisy Festival!

Remember when going to arts & crafts class used to be the highlight of your day? Well I can’t guarantee you a hall pass, but I can tell you that one of the top arts […]


(credit: Michel de Gangne/AFP/Getty Images)

Most Iconic Works Of Art In Atlanta

Atlanta has a vibrant art scene, and many of the city’s most iconic works display both the beautiful and the bittersweet. From urban paintings to statues, these pieces represent Atlanta’s history in all its changing forms.


Atlanta - Best Day Trips For Families - Feature

Best Day Trips For Families Around Atlanta

Everyone needs a little getaway every now and then – a place where you and your family can go for the day and have a great time without the hassle of airports, packing and hotel reservations. There are several great places in Atlanta that are ideal day trip destinations.


Best Day Trips For Families Around Atlanta

There are several great places in Atlanta that are ideal day trip destinations, where all that’s required is a full tank of gas and a sense of adventure.