(Photo Courtesy: City of Roswell)

3rd Annual Cornbread Cook-Off

Listen, I’m from the South. Sweet tea is my nectar. I can tolerate camouflage sweatshirts and caps. But, one thing that I love more than anything in the world is cornbread. The 3rd Annual Cornbread [...]



YA Books That Are Perfect For TV

YA books have become the go-to for movie-making material. But long before producers snatched The Hunger Games, Twilight, and I Am Number Four for film, television networks adapted well-known teen reads into episodic shows. In 1999, [...]



10 Best TV Theme Openings

Once upon a time, 30 sec intros started a show. Theme openings nowadays equate to the past — to the old shows. They’ve sadly become archaic and nearly obsolete. Cold opens replaced the catchy music and clip [...]