Oakland Cemetery

(credit: oaklandcemetery.com)

Oakland Cemetery Guided Tours

Have you ever been to the Oakland Cemetery? It is one of the most amazingly beautiful sites we have in the city of Atlanta. Listen, I don’t hang around graveyards or cemeteries just for fun. […]


Run like Hell

Run Like Hell 5K Fun Run

Remember how I told you not to go wandering in cemeteries all alone? Well, you didn’t listen. Now there are zombies and witches coming after you. What do you do? You Run Like Hell (or […]


Sunday in the Park

‘Sunday in the Park’ at Oakland Cemetery

You’re walking all alone.¬†You encounter a very large cemetery. What do you do? You go party in it of course! Well at least that what you’d do at the Oakland Cemetery during the 33rd Annual […]


Photo Credit: Michael Francis

The Best Hidden Gems (And Ways to Kill Time) in Atlanta

Despite the hustle and bustle of city life in Atlanta, there are some great undiscovered gems in this town. Below are some great places that might be fun to visit and kill some time the […]