Luke Tipple

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Game Changer on “Capture”

Everyone is stunned when Game Master Luke announces a twist so big that it literally changes the outcome of the game.  The hunters are blindsided by this new rule and struggle to adapt to the […]



Double Jeopardy Time on “Capture”

The hunting team runs into trouble when they don’t catch anyone on the first day.  Panicked, they know they must catch two teams the next day in order to stay in the game, but they […]


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Alliances Are Tested on “Capture”

Things take a serious turn when a team member has to leave the playing field on a stretcher.  Meanwhile, after Game Master Luke offers pizza, chicken wings and beer inside the supply station, one of […]


Capture2 Tue 9p


We are only three episodes in, and I’m telling you right now, Capture is the best show you’re not already watching on TV! Every Tuesday night has been edge-of-my-seat, yelling-at-my-TV fun, and last night’s episode […]


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Emotions Boil Over on “Capture”

After destroying the food supply in the last episode, one of the teams is feeling the heat from the other contestants.  Luke Tipple introduces another twist by giving one team a game-changing glimpse of the […]


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Sabotage on “Capture”

Luke Tipple introduces a new element to the game when he reveals a chance for one team to sabotage another during the hunt.  Tensions run high after a team deliberately destroys the food supply so […]


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“Capture” Premieres

Luke Tipple hosts this new action-adventure reality series where 12 teams of two are about to enter the Hunting Grounds, a high-tech wilderness compound, where they must live in primitive conditions for one month in […]