Kristen Kruek


Subway Fight

Homicide detective Catherine Chandler finds a DNA sample that relates to her mother’s murder case. Where will it lead her? Kristin Kreuk plays the strong-willed heroine who’s not quick to shy away. No damsels in […]



The Beast Emerges

Catherine Chandler races through the woods to escape gunmen. How will she survive the deadly pursuit? Watch to find out. Beauty and the Beast premieres October 11th at 9pm, right after an all new episode of The […]



Beauty And The Beast Series Premiere

Catherine Chandler was nearly killed. Then something saved her. Beauty and the Beast puts a modern twist on the classic fairy tale. Chandler becomes a homicide detective after her near-death experience. Watch Beauty and the Beast on Thursdays […]



Beauty And The Beast At Comic-Con

The writers and cast from the new CW show Beauty and the Beast were at Comic-Con.   Check out what the cast and attendees had to say about the show.  


Beauty and the Beast

New Beauty And The Beast Video

Catch the video on Beauty and the Beast.


Georgia Girl

New CW Shows

I was lucky enough to get an inside sneak peek of what the CW television station has in store for us viewers in the fall.  How exciting! All of our favorites are back, thank goodness.  […]



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