NEW Promo Photos of "The Originals" CastWe have just the fix for this extremely cold day, a plethora of HOT new promo photos from the cast of “The Originals”, and fans, sexy is an understatement.
CW Stars: Tweets of the Week (Nov 2 - 8)A compilation of the best CW star tweets of the week from November 2nd to November 8th, featuring a set photo from The Tomorrow People and various pictures from the actors.
Klaus & Rebekah Hatch a Plan
Clips from 'The Originals'
The Originals
Senior Prom in Mystic Falls
Elena's Searches for Katherine on The Vampire Diaries
'The Originals' Start Filming in New Orleans, Actor Tweets
Will Klaus and Caroline's Relationship Continue in 'The Originals'?
8 CW Pilots In-Development, Including 'The Originals'
Season 3 'Vampire Diaries' Gag Reel

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