Brittany Ishibashi

Emily Owens MD Tuesdays 9pm

The Good and the Bad

When the beloved hospital flower delivery man collapses, Emily (Mamie Gummer) is determined to diagnose his condition, but she is baffled at his reluctance to get treated.  Will (Justin Hartley) and Emily are assigned to […]


Emily Owens, MD Tuesdays 9pm

Keeping the Faith

Emily (Mamie Gummer) and Tyra’s (Kelly McCreary) infant patient seems perfectly normal until they discover she has a condition that forces her parents to make a difficult decision about her future.   Emily’s is assigned to […]


Emily Owens MD Tuesdays 9pm

Ask for What You Want

Emily (Mamie Gummer) and Micah (Michael Rady) are frantic when they discover their patient needs a kidney transplant immediately, but they are baffled when she mysteriously refuses to accept the kidney from her new husband.  […]