The Flash

When Barry Allen was a boy, his father was falsely convicted of his mother’s bizarre murder.  Raised by Detective Joe West, his best friend Iris’s father, he constantly searched for the truth.  Now a brilliant CSI Investigator, he is fascinated by physicist Harrison Wells and his S.T.A.R. Labs team’s latest invention. But when it’s tested, an explosion puts Barry into a coma.  He awakens with the power of super speed, rendering him virtually unseen.  Soon Barry discovers a nefarious group of “meta-humans” also created that night, threatening Central City.  Along with clearing his father’s name, Barry has a purpose: to be the city’s guardian angel, known as The Flash.

The Flash 5/23 Recap

It’s finale time, so let’s get right into it! Bait and Switch HR arrives with a gun, but he’s too late! As a result, Barry sobs holding Iris, but shockingly, two drumsticks drop and HR […]


The Flash 5/16 Recap

Time quickly wanes as Iris’ demise rapidly approaches. Tracy finished building the speed cannon, but can Barry secure the power source? More importantly will it be enough to stop an omnipotent Savitar? Brace yourself because […]


The Flash 5/9 Recap

Can Barry stop himself from killing Iris? That is [now] the question. This particular episode jumps around a good bit, so bear with me as I attempt to relay the events seamlessly. He is Me […]


The Flash 5/2 Recap

Find out who Savitar is


The Flash 4/25 Recap

Before the hiatus, there were a few critical plot points at play so let’s run through a brief recap before the recap. The most salient situations include the unleashing of Killer Frost to save Caitlin’s […]


The Flash 3/28 Recap

Magic Trick  Two security guards patrol their normal route and discuss the future of (recently bought out) Stagg Industries. An unknown man emerges saying that he plans to abscond with some of the technology because […]


The Flash 3/21 Recap

So Barry manged to get Wally out of the speed force, which leaves a question: after seeing Wally suspended in midair and stripped of his speed suit, will he still have speed? Also, after Iris’ […]


The Flash 3/07 Recap

With all the Gorilla City madness of the past 2 episodes, it almost became easy to forget that Savitar is the arch-villain this season. Nevertheless, he’s back and planning to create chaos in a major […]


The Flash 2/28 Recap

Attack on Central City or Monkey See, Monkey Do If you saw last week’s episode, you know that Team Flash went to Earth 2 to rescue Harrison Wells (the genius they know and love) from Grodd, […]


The Flash 2/21 Recap

Welcome back! After a brief intermission, we are well aware that Grodd has kidnapped Harry on Earth 2, so let’s see how it all plays out. Gorilla City On Earth 2, we see Harry trying his […]


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