The Flash

When Barry Allen was a boy, his father was falsely convicted of his mother’s bizarre murder.  Raised by Detective Joe West, his best friend Iris’s father, he constantly searched for the truth.  Now a brilliant CSI Investigator, he is fascinated by physicist Harrison Wells and his S.T.A.R. Labs team’s latest invention. But when it’s tested, an explosion puts Barry into a coma.  He awakens with the power of super speed, rendering him virtually unseen.  Soon Barry discovers a nefarious group of “meta-humans” also created that night, threatening Central City.  Along with clearing his father’s name, Barry has a purpose: to be the city’s guardian angel, known as The Flash.

The Flash 3.13 Recap

Run, Iris, Run Transference Barry meets Joe at Jitters to discuss his future with CCPD. It appears Barry’s suspension will last for awhile because the mayor wants to meet with the DeVoes, which [again] might require Ralph’s impersonating skills. Meanwhile, a bank robbery takes place as a metahuman uses intense heat powers to melt the […]


The Flash 3.6 Recap

S.4 E.15 – Enter Flashtime Unable to Find Happiness With a face covered in sweat, Barry tells Iris “I can’t save us this time!” while in a full-fledged panic attack. Flashback to just short of 9 minutes prior, we see Barry attempting to break through a breach, where we’re led to believe he is attempting […]


The Flash 2.27 Recap

 Suspended Barry excitedly walks into CCPD eager to return to work, since he is free and clear of all charges. He meets with Captain Singh who tells him he has to take an indefinite leave of absence at the mayor’s request. He returns to Star labs and meets with the team about switching their focus […]


The Flash Recap – 02.06

Bidding War Warden Wolfe invites Amunet to his discrete, Iron Heights metahuman prison wing. He briefly introduces her to all the metahumans [thus far] this season before introducing her to the Scarlet Speedster. At a whims decision, she decides she wants to purchase them all. Ralph returns to his private investigation office and finds a […]


The Flash Recap 1.16

Innocent Man CCPD books Barry into jail, so he begins the episode with a monologue (which serves as his personal statement) about how although evidence stacks against him, he didn’t kill Clifford Devoe. Moments later Barry returns to Star Labs and we instantly start wondering how that’s possible but we quickly learn he’s been released […]


The Flash 12.5 Recap

Hopefully you enjoyed last week’s Arrowverse crossover event. Somehow, after all the chaotic Earth-X Crisis, Barry and Iris managed to sneak in a wedding, which we know [apparently] was apart of the Thinker’s plan. So, let’s see how our newlyweds and resident villain incorporate this new development moving forward. Killer Frost >>> Caitlin Christmas cheer […]


The Flash 11.14 Recap

Barry and Ralph grab coffee from Jitters. Upon leaving, a mugger attempts robbing them at gunpoint, but they [completely] disrespect his presence and plan ways to make an example of him. The mugger grows impatient and shoots Ralph twice, but his elastic qualities ricochet both bullets back into the mugger. Suit Yourself Barry finds the […]


The Flash 11.7 Recap

Last episode “stretched” our imagination bringing a new member to Team Flash. Felicity waltzes into an unsecured Star Labs and sees Ralph flexing these peculiar abilities. Nevertheless, she arrives ready to celebrate! They round up Caitlin, who is feeling uneasy about a night out, but they coax her into tagging along.   Girls Night Out  […]


The Flash 10.31 Recap

Good thing the name of the show is The Flash, not Kid Flash, since Wally jumped in his feelings and decided to run away. Nevertheless, the show must [literally] go on, so let’s get into it. Who is Breacher? Gypsy and Cisco – which will henceforth be referred to as Gysco – engage in some quality time. […]


The Flash Recap 10.24

Not much times passes before revealing our next metahuman. Introducing (from 3 weeks prior) Becky Sharpe, an innocent, ditsy lass with a voice that is equally cute and annoying. She seems to be the direct opposite of lucky and lives a life where everything that can go wrong DOES go wrong. That is until she […]


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