Jane the Virgin

Jane Villanueva, 23, is determined not to be like her mother, who had her at 16.  She’s studying to become a teacher while working at a hot Miami hotel, and engaged to a patient detective named Michael.  Her one guilty pleasure?  Watching telenovelas with her young-at-heart mother, Xiomara, and her devout grandmother Alba.  And like a scene straight out of a telenovela, Jane, at a routine check-up, is accidentally inseminated with a specimen meant for the woman in the next room.  Amazingly, the specimen is Rafael’s, her former crush and current boss.  Weeks later, the unsuspecting (and expecting) Jane is faced with the most complicated decisions of her life.

Jane the Virgin 11/28 Recap

Sequence of Suspense There’s something stirring in the waters of the Villanueva family pool and in this episode, we finally see something peeking through the surface. And guys….I’m nervous. Setting the Stage Studying suspense in […]


Jane the Virgin 11/21 Recap

It’s Getting Cold in Here… If you are caught up from last week, you know that our HBIC is back. That’s right, Petra is un-petrified. Additionally, Miami and the Villanueva’s make way for one more, as […]


Jane the Virgin 11/07 Recap

A Time of Change With the biggest change going on in the United States today (if you live under a rock, it’s ELECTION DAY!), I figured it was fitting that the content of last night’s […]


Jane the Virgin 10/24 Recap

Recovery Mode   Recovery mode in any circumstance can be hard. On the latest installment of Jane, we learn that you don’t have to be the one shot in the chest to go through a […]


Jane the Virgin 10/17 Recap

Getting Your HEA (Happily Ever After) Guess who’s back, back again.. Jane is back, tell a friend *slim shady voice* Oh, yes dear friends, countrymen, international rap stars…. Jane Villanueva is back in action! And […]


CW Celeb’s Summers Best Dressed

Check out which CW celeb styles are trending this Summer – PHOTOS!


Jane the Virgin Season Finale Recap 5/16

The Epically Unexpected Our day has finally come. Everything we could ever hope for and more —  It’s Jane’s wedding. Everything we’ve ever wanted (maybe even predicted) would happen was bundled right here, with a […]


Jane the Virgin Recap 4/25

Okay I know it has been a while, but dry your eyes baby because I am back! So much has happened since I have been gone, and I would like to start with a mini-recap before […]


Jane the Virgin Recap 3/28

Home Base THE RUN DOWN Pablo Alonso Segura, said to be a cursed man, may quite possibly be the source of the Villanueva’s ‘bad luck’ of late. After their pipes burst and a mold infestation […]


Check Out What Gina Rodriguez Gave This Fan

Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images When we see a glamorous dress on the red carpet, most of us simply swoon and think, “Wow, I’d love to wear something like that one day!” Some people even […]


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