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Interview with Topher Payne from The Santaland Diaries!

Topher Payne shines as Crumpet in Horizon Theatre’s production of The Santaland Diaries, written by award-winning satirist David Sedaris. Topher gave us some insight on his character and this production celebrating its 19th anniversary this year.   W: So, I’ve never experienced The Santaland Diaries, what’s special about Crumpet? We meet him just as he’s […]


Riverdale Recap: Issue 11.15

What’s up, Bulldogs? Thanks for picking up this issue of your Riverdale Recap. Let’s dive in! Listening in The Hallway  We begin with another phone call from #TheBlackHood, after Betty gives Nick’s name as his next possible sinner victim. Betty rushes to his hotel room to see if #TheBlackHood striked, but alas, he did not. […]


Riverdale Recap: Issue 11.08

Welcome to your  Riverdale Recap. This issue is incredibly juicy, so grab your letterman’s jacket and start reading! School Paper Discussion Session in Room 219! We begin where we left off with Betty receiving a call from #TheBlackHood. He says that he is cleansing Riverdale of sinners, to satisfy Betty. He then mentions Polly–good grief. […]


Riverdale Recap: Issue 11.01

Phew! Get it while it’s hot! This week’s Riverdale Recap is here for you! Don’t Forget Your Library Card We begin the episode with very creepy serial killers in the library. We’ve all wondered about those random aisles in the third floor of the school library, apparently apparitions of serial killers from the past reside […]


Riverdale Recap: Issue 10.25

What’s up? It’s time for your October 25th issue of the Riverdale Recap! There’s a watcher in the woods, and it has us all shook–as the kiddies say. No Cross-Country Practice Tonight! The woods can hold many tales and secrets, but when you’re “night jogging” (a.k.a. cruising for a hookup) in the woods like Kevin, things might […]


Theatre Talk: The Color Purple

The Color Purple is now one of my favorite Broadway musicals after seeing it at The Fox Theatre last night. I have read the novel numerous times and quote Oprah’s lines from the film almost constantly in my everyday life. But, to see this beautiful story unfold onstage captivated me as if I was experiencing it […]


Riverdale Recap: Issue 10.18

Hello! It’s time for the October 18th issue of the Riverdale Recap! Let’s talk about this episode. We’re still hyperventilating. Senior Class Meet-Up in Pop’s Cafeteria  Archie still isn’t catching any sleep, so he gets a bit testy with Sheriff Keller about finding out who shot his father that night at Pop’s. Speaking of Pop’s, […]


Riverdale Recap: Issue 10.11

Welcome to the October 11th issue of the Riverdale Recap! We’ve got you covered on all of the news happening at Riverdale High this season. Riverdale is back and is instantly giving us the feels. Welcome Back Riverdale Bulldogs! The episode brings the drama from the beginning with Archie rushing his father to the hospital […]


Interview with Miss D of Bring It!

Bring It! Liftetime Television’s big hit show is coming to The Fox Theatre on June 29th! Bring It! Live is a high-energy performance complete with complex routines, masterful coordination, and of course, the incomparable Miss D. With Miss D’s impeccable direction, Bring It! Live will leave you on the edge of your seat waiting for […]


Theatre Talk: Matilda The Musical

Remember in 1996 when Matilda first came out? It was filled with magic, flying books, and the incomparable Mara Wilson (who is a riot on Twitter, btw). It was about a misunderstood child who seemed to understand, at an early age, the world she faced. This beautiful story was brought to life on stage at The Fox Theatre […]




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