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taylor gibson Taylor GibsonTaylor Gibson is a graduate from Georgia State University, with a concentration in Journalism. He is an avid lover of “The Flash” who originally started with the Atlanta CW Crew doing social media promotion at fairs, festivals, and conventions. In his time on the job he discovered “The Flash” has a huge following and wanted to check it out for himself. Much to his surprise, by time he finished the first episode he was enamored with the show. As a result, He’s here bringing you weekly recaps.






Taylor Gibson, Former CW Crew member and Current CW Web Writer.

The Flash 11.14 Recap

Barry and Ralph grab coffee from Jitters. Upon leaving, a mugger attempts robbing them at gunpoint, but they [completely] disrespect his presence and plan ways to make an example of him. The mugger grows impatient […]


The Flash 11.7 Recap

Last episode “stretched” our imagination bringing a new member to Team Flash. Felicity waltzes into an unsecured Star Labs and sees Ralph flexing these peculiar abilities. Nevertheless, she arrives ready to celebrate! They round up […]


The Flash 10.31 Recap

Good thing the name of the show is The Flash, not Kid Flash, since Wally jumped in his feelings and decided to run away. Nevertheless, the show must [literally] go on, so let’s get into […]


The Flash Recap 10.24

Not much times passes before revealing our next metahuman. Introducing (from 3 weeks prior) Becky Sharpe, an innocent, ditsy lass with a voice that is equally cute and annoying. She seems to be the direct […]


The Flash Recap – 10.17

  Can you feel that? The heavy darkness influenced by season 3 has disappeared, which becomes quite clear in this episode. So, lets get into it. Some Mark Cuban wannabe confidently flaunts his purchasing power by overpaying for a […]


The Premiere of The Flash – Recap 10/10

140 days – yes I counted – have passed since Barry sacrificed himself to the speedforce. As a result, he is unavailable to narrate the signature introductory sequence. Instead, Iris assumes the task saying that she […]


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