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Mike has a degree in Film from The University of Texas at Austin. He has worked in the entertainment industry for over 25 years and sees over 300 theatrical releases a year. Mike has a weekly movie blog where he reviews films both present and past at: He is a member of the Georgia Film Critics Association and is the film critic for

Silent Night

2017 Oscar Nominated Live Action Shorts Review

One of my favorite events is coming up on Sunday, February 26, 2017, the 89th Academy Awards.  That means that it’s also time for the Oscar-nominated short films to come to theatres. The Live Action […]



“Julieta” Movie Review

Julieta (2016) We see a middle-aged woman, Julieta (Emma Suarez) in an apartment packing up items into boxes. It’s evident that she is preparing to move soon. Her boyfriend, Lorenzo (Dario Grandinetti) shows up, and […]


20th Century Women

“20th Century Women” Movie Review

20th Century Women (2016) In 1979 a boy, Jamie (Lucas Jade Zuman) and his mom, Dorothea (Annette Bening), watch through the grocery store front window their car going up in flames. Later, the mom invites […]



“Elle” Movie Review

Elle (2016) The first scene of the movie is a close-up of a cat sitting, unperturbed by the noise of a couple making love. The camera pulls out to see not two people making love, […]


La La Land

Georgia Film Critics Association Announces 2016 Winners

Georgia Film Critics Association Announces 2016 Winners The Georgia Film Critics Association has announced their 2016 winners, with “Moonlight” and “La La Land” dominating the awards.  Unique to the GAFCA is the Oglethorpe Award, which […]


La La Land

Mike’s Top Twenty Five Films of 2016

My Top Twenty Five Films of 2016 1).  La La Land  (2016)  PG-13   A musical about a determined jazz pianist (Ryan Gosling) who falls in love with an aspiring actress (Emma Stone) in Los […]



Mike’s 10 Best Documentaries of 2016

Here are my 10 best documentaries of 2016 (in no particular order): 1).  Tower (2016) Fifty years ago a man rode the elevator to the 27th floor of the University of Texas Tower and opened […]


Mother's Day

Mike’s 20 Worst Films of 2016

  Here are my 20 worst films of 2016 (in no particular order) 1). Why Him?  (2016) Ned Fleming (Bryan Cranston) is having a bad year.  His printing company may be going out of business, […]


La La Land

“La La Land” Movie Review

La La Land (2016) Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) is in his aged beaten down convertible, playing a piano jazz solo on an old tape machine, listening to one section of the tape over and over. Mia […]


Jacob Latimore - Collateral Beauty

Jacob Latimore talks about “Collateral Beauty”

  Collateral Beauty is a film about a successful New York advertising executive (Will Smith) whose life has been in a downward spiral since he suffered a tremendous loss.  When he writes letters to Love, […]




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