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Mike has a degree in Film from The University of Texas at Austin. He has worked in the entertainment industry for over 25 years and sees over 300 theatrical releases a year. Mike has a weekly movie blog where he reviews films both present and past at: He is a member of the Georgia Film Critics Association and is the film critic for


“Spotlight” Movie Review

“Spotlight” (2015) Media can entertain, inform and at times, bring about change and shed light on today’s problems. Churches can unite, heal and do good work in their communities. In some cases, Churches are not […]


Labyrinth of Lies

“Labyrinth of Lies” Movie Review

“Labyrinth of Lies” (2014) When terrible things happen, often a country will try to forget that it ever happened or rationalize that it wasn’t as bad as they first thought it was. It’s 1958 and […]



“Room” Movie Review

In a 10×10 room, a mother and five year old son, cope with kidnapping, imprisonment and a violent kidnapper.


Rock the Kasbah

“Rock the Kasbah” Movie Review

“Rock the Kasbah” (2015) Richie Lanz (Bill Murray) is a rock promoter who has seen better days, or at least, he claims to have. He tells stories of the days when he discovered Madonna and […]


Bridge of Spies

“Bridge of Spies” Movie Review

“Bridge of Spies” (2015) It’s 1957 and the Cold War between the Soviet Union, and the United States is on the mind of every American. The Soviets have the nuclear bomb; tension is high around […]


Finders Keepers

“Finders Keepers” Movie Review

“Finders Keepers” Movie Review Real life is often stranger than fiction. If you wrote a fictional story similar to the touching and amusing documentary “Finders Keepers,” it would be rejected as being too far-fetched. Local “swap-meet king” Shannon […]


The Keeping Room

“The Keeping Room” Movie Review

“The Keeping Room” (2014) Set in the last days of the American Civil War, “The Keeping Room” is about a family trying to survive. Two sisters, Augusta (Brit Marling) and Louise (Hailee Steinfeld), along with […]


Sleeping with Other People

“Sleeping with Other People” Movie Review

“Sleeping with Other People” (2015) We first meet Lainey (Alison Brie) in a college dorm, drunk. She is very loudly and unsuccessfully trying to get into the room of a fellow student that she has […]


A Brilliant Young Mind

“A Brilliant Young Mind” Movie Review

“A Brilliant Young Mind” Nathan (Asa Butterfield) is an unusual boy. He has the knack for mathematics, finding solace in math. In fact; he sees math in just about everything he looks at; buildings, highway […]


Pawn Sacrifice

“Pawn Sacrifice” Movie Review

In 1972, at of the height of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union, the world was captivated by a chess match between the American champion Bobby Fisher (Tobey Maguire) and […]




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