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smzzvs5 2 Marc WatkinsMarc Watkins is a 20 year Atlanta resident, originally from Oklahoma. He graduated from Morehouse College after spending 5 years in the U.S. Air Force and is a lifelong nerd before it became cool. Marc has been collecting comic books for most of his life and has over 10,000 books in his collection. Marc has been writing for ATLCW and can be found on Twitter & Instagram: @ATLBlerd.

Legends of Tomorrow 2.19 Recap

Our show begins with Zari on the Wave Rider alone while the rest of the team is on a mission in the 1970s. Over the objection of the ship’s artificial intelligence Gideon, Zari adds a simulation to the computer in order to locate – and hopefully exploit – time loopholes so that she can attempt […]


Black Lightning 2.13 Recap

Our show begins with Black Lightning standing on the ledge of a building in the middle of the night while talking to Gambi on their communication device. BL asks Gambi “Will this work” to which he replies, “In theory”. With that, BL jumps off the building and a moment later we see him levitating using […]


Arrow 2.1.18 Recap

Our show opens with Mayor Queen and members of his staff waiting by the water front at night. Suddenly, a diver emerges from the murky waters. He’s a member of A.R.G.U.S. special forces come to help Starling City extricate themselves from the clutches of Cayden James who has had the city on lockdown as punishment […]


Black Lightning, 1.30 Recap

Our show begins with the funeral for Lawanda, a mother who was killed last episode while confronting the street gang The 100’s leader, Lala after they turned her daughter to prostitution. During the eulogy, the preacher, Reverend Jeremiah Holt, told the community that they needed to stand together and resist The 100. He asked for […]


Black Lightning 1.23 Recap

Our show begins with our hero Jefferson Pierce in pain on his bathroom floor. During last episode he used his powers for the first time in 9 years to rescue his daughters who were captives of the street gang The 100. He’s not the young man he once was and as he’s writhing in agony […]


Black Lightning Recap 1.16

“The Resurrection” or The Beginning The show begins very powerfully with Billy Holiday’s “Strange Fruit” playing in the background as our protagonist, Jefferson Pierce, waits in a police department lobby as the narrator, his daughter high school student Jennifer, speaks. On a tv we see local television legend Amanda Davis, recently deceased, discussing the turmoil […]


Arrow Recap 1.18

“Where is Cayden James?” Our show opens up with Team Arrow in turmoil. Mayor Oliver Queen is currently under federal indictment due to his actions as the masked vigilante, Green Arrow. The team learns that there’s a secret witness against him who turns out to be a member of Ollie’s inner circle, Rene Ramirez, aka […]


Legends of Tomorrow 11.28 Recap

“Crisis On Earth X Conclusion” or Goodbye Professor Stein This episode of “Legends of Tomorrow” is the conclusion to the 2-night, 4-part event “Crisis on Earth X”. Part one began on “Supergirl”, with the wedding of Barry & Iris with their super friends and other loved ones in attendance. Just as they were about to […]


Arrow 11.27 Recap

“Crisis on Earth X Part 2” or The Problem with Nazis Tonight’s Arrow is the 2nd part of a 4-part, 2 night event entitled “Crisis on Earth X” which began on “Supergirl”. The heroes from “Supergirl”, “Flash”, “Legends of Tomorrow” & “Arrow” came together for the wedding of Barry Allen (The Flash) and Iris West. […]


Arrow 11.16 Recap

“Promises Kept” or Father & Son Reunion Our show begins with Slade in a warehouse looking down the barrel of a gun being held by his own son Joe. In our last episode, Oliver helped Slade track down his long-lost-thought-to-be-dead son who’s now running with a group of mercenaries known as the Jackals. Slade lets […]



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