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Top Oscar Moments Over the Years, in 3 Sentences or Less

In honor of the 85th Academy Awards, I’ve put together 10 of the most memorable Oscar moments over the past decade in three sentences or less. Adrien Brody Kisses Halle Berry— In 2003, Adrien Brody won Best Actor for his performance for “The Pianist.” Overcome with emotion, Brody passionately kissed presenter Halle Berry. Since then […]


Top Picks for the 85th Academy Awards

Sunday’s 85th Academy Awards marks the end of the 2012-2013 awards season. No more pageantry, Harvey Weinstein jokes, disingenuous acceptance speeches (cough, Anne Hathaway, cough) and rigged voting systems. Still, I’m sad to see the awards season come to a close. For over eight years, I’ve watched the Oscars religiously, and for the past three […]


A Good Day to Die Hard Review

At some point, you have to accept your own limitations. Unfortunately, the executives over at 20th Century Fox refuse to accept theirs. 20th Century Fox’s “A Good Day to Die Hard” is another example of how greed can tarnish even the most beloved franchise’s reputation.  Bruce Willis has become too old to play tough as […]


Identity Thief Failed to Make Me Laugh

Seth Gordon’s “Identity Thief” is yet another oddball comedy about polar opposites traveling cross-country together. The movie stars Jason Bateman as the straight-laced nice guy trying to clear his name after his identity is stolen. Melissa McCarthy, best known for her role in “Bridesmaids”, plays the outrageous but laughable con artist named Diana. While the […]


Warm Bodies Pays Homage to Zombie Genre

Zombie movies have been around since the late 1960’s, with “Night of the Living Dead” being one of the first films to feature the living dead. Since then, countless zombie movies have been made. While films like “Shaun of the Dead” are light-hearted satires, others such as “Land of the Dead” are horror-driven. Jonathan Levine’s […]


This Week in 3 Sentences or Less

Here are some of this week’s biggest stories in three sentences or less: Beyoncé Lip-Synched “Star-Spangled Banner”— You know our country’s priorities are out of whack when President Obama’s inauguration is upstaged by Beyoncé and Michelle Obama’s new bangs. At least Beyoncé’s pre-recorded rendition worked out better than Ashlee Simpson’s “Saturday Night Live” debacle. Leonardo […]


This Week in 3 Sentences or Less

Here are some of this week’s biggest stories in three sentences or less: Justin Timberlake Debuts New Music— On Monday, J.T. debuted his first song in over six years. And as much as I wanted to play hard to get, I’ve had “Suit & Tie” on repeat over the past couple of days. Hopefully the […]


Zero Dark Thirty Review

9/11 is one of those rare moments in history where people remember exactly where they were when it happened. I was in my 7th grade homeroom waiting to go to my first class of the day. It’s odd how tragedies seem to be the only moments in history worth remembering for years to come, such […]


This Week in 3 Sentences or Less

Here are some of this week’s biggest stories in three sentences or less: Justin Bieber Caught Smoking Pot— This week a picture surfaced of Bieber holding what appears to be a joint. A few days later Bieber tweeted this nugget of wisdom, “Everyday growing and learning. Trying to be better. U get knocked down, u […]


Les Miserables Movie Review

I might be a cynic, but even I’m not immune to fun, over-the-top movie musicals like “Mamma Mia” and “Chicago.” Tom Hooper’s “Les Miserables” possesses some of the same traits, but the mood is somber and on a much grander scale. With the exception of 2011’s “The Artist,” “Les Miserables” is the showiest film in […]




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