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No Tomorrow 12/06 Recap

Both Hank and Kareema’s brother, Rohan, are heartbroken over their recent break-ups. While Hank attempts reconciling with Deidre, Rohan is undergoing Kareema’s 5 break-up stages. Once completed, Rohan will be over Sophia – or so […]


No Tomorrow 11/01 Recap

No Tomorrow is finally picking up its pace. While this episode follows the same drill of Evie and Xavier striking off to-dos on their apocalists, the central conflict has nothing to do with their relationship. Unlike […]


Theo James and Shailene Woodley, "Divergent" Black Carpet Event

Top Pop Culture Stories in Three Sentences or Less

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Spar in Final Presidential Debate – While Clinton justified her stances on women’s rights and immigration, Trump provided some much-needed comic relief with gems such as calling Clinton a “nasty […]


No Tomorrow 10/18 Recap

This week marks the first relationship milestone for Evie and Xavier – his introduction to her family and friends. In my opinion, having the new boyfriend meet one’s friends and family is a big deal. Not […]


No Tomorrow 10/11 Recap

While last week’s premiere focused on Evie’s descent into Xavier’s world of conspiracy theories and seizing the day, this week’s episode gives us a look at how the two deal with the fact that they […]


No Tomorrow 10/4 Recap

Set in Seattle, Washington, the CW’s newest quirky comedy introduces us to Evie, an upbeat, charming woman with a strong aversion to listeria and singing in public. Evie works for an online retailer, overseeing the […]


This Week in 3 Sentences or Less

Here are some of this week’s biggest stories in three sentences or less: Taylor Swift Disses Tina Fey, Amy Poehler— Taylor Swift can’t take a joke, not even when it’s coming from two of the […]



Stoker Review

The family drama is an all too familiar genre, but add dark humor, murder and incest to the mix and it makes for a fun, demented thriller. In “Stoker,” Korean director Chan-wook Park teeters between […]


Emperor Review

Movies based on historical events don’t have to be boring, with “Argo,” “Apollo 13” and “Saving Private Ryan” being a few of my favorites. Often times when making a movie based on real events, creative […]


Oz the Great and Powerful Review

For many, “The Wizard of Oz” is a childhood staple, inspiring other works of fiction like “Wicked” and “The Wiz.” Sam Raimi’s “Oz the Great and Powerful” is yet another derivative of L. Frank Baum’s […]



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