Georgia Girl

Georgia Girl

Green Clothes, Green Hair, Green…Beer??

This St. Patrick’s Day I decided to go big or go home, which of course meant going big…in SAVANNAH! Savannah, Georgia is known for having the second largest St. Paddy’s celebration in the United States, […]


Georgia Girl

21 Jump Street Movie Review

What do you get when you have a hot guy and a funny guy working together in a film? A movie filled with laughs and eye candy. Genius. I couldn’t ask for more. Channing Tatum […]


Georgia Girl

May The Odds be EVER In Your Favor!

I did it.  I jumped on The Hunger Games bandwagon…how could I not?  This was not a trilogy based on frivolous love that made teen girls swoon (Twilight, anyone?) but a tale of a corrupt […]


Georgia Girl

You Wanna Be On Top?

Yesterday, I was lucky to be a fly on the wall for the America’s Next Top Model casting call auditions in Atlanta.  I was able to see what the girls go through and what it […]


Georgia Girl

I Want To Be America’s Next Top Model

This week I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to hang out with model Candace Smith.  And no, this was not just any model, she is a Top Model.  As in, America’s Next Top […]


Georgia Girl

Gossip Girl Fashion

If there is one show that has the ultimate fashion sense, it would have to be Gossip Girl.  The lifestyles of these Upper East Side filthy rich characters is filled with designer this and designer […]


Georgia Girl

2 Hot Guys & America’s Sweetheart

Get a little romance, a lot of comedy, some action sequences, and add Chelsea Handler and what have you got? This Means War. This movie covers a range of movie genres and has a very […]


Georgia Girl

Movie Review: The Vow

ATTENTION ALL THE NOTEBOOK FANS! I have found a new movie for you to obsess over. Heartthrob Channing Tatum and sweetheart Rachel McAdams have teamed up for the ultimate new romance movie: The Vow. This […]


Georgia Girl

Job Search Fashion Sense

Ah…the job search…what a long, tedious, and not fun process that it is. Since graduating I have been searching for that dream job as I work at various less than glamorous part-time jobs. Luckily, the […]


Georgia Girl

Prince Charming and Other Fairytales

There comes a point in every girl’s life when she looks back on her childhood and realizes that Disney ruined her emotionally when it comes to men.  Starting from a young age, we watched from […]





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