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Shane Penalties

Penalty for Wearing Cargo Pants!

Are you having a penalty free day?  Rise Up Weekly’s Shane Westerhold found quite a few violators when he went downtown during lunch hour on a busy weekday.


Matt Ryan INT

Matt Ryan One-on-One

Rise Up Weekly’s Coy Wire goes one on one with Matt Ryan.  What drives him?  What changes did he make this year?  Check out this candid conversation with the Falcons leader.


Shane British Sayings


The Falcons play the Detroit Lions in London October 26th.  We thought it might be fun to see how much fans know about British sayings.   Shane Westerhold ventured out and found that most were [...]


Coy and Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan’s Tunes Revealed!

Have you ever wondered what the Falcons are listening to when they put on those  headphones?  Matt Ryan let us in on his playlist and explained what was behind some of those choices.


Tyler James Williams

Tyler James Williams Interview; “Dear White People”

I recently sat in on a roundtable interview with Tyler James Williams, star of the new film “Dear White People.” The film takes place on an Ivy League campus as four Black students deal in [...]


Keep On Keepin' On

“Keep On Keepin’ On” Movie Review

“Keep On Keepin’ On” Clark Terry has been called the greatest trumpet player ever. He played with some of the finest jazz bands in the world, including the Count Basie Small Band and the Duke [...]


St. Vincent

“St. Vincent” Movie Review

St. Vincent (2014) Vincent (Bill Murray) is in a bad place in his life, and he will let anyone know it. He lives alone in a rundown home, is overdrawn at the bank and can’t [...]


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Spooky Halloween Nail Art

Try these trendy nail art ideas for 2014 Halloween.


Photo Credit: Twitter @Mashable

5 DIY Halloween Costumes For Couples

Couple costumes are always a hit on Halloween! Check out these costume ideas below that will make this Halloween a night to remember for you and your other half.



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