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Big Pink Cook-Off

The Big Pink Cook-Off

In its second year, the Big Pink Cook-Off will happen on October 19th at 1:00 PM at The Ivy. Yummy BBQ awaits you. I could just end this post right here, because I’m more than [...]



Live in the Park!

A beautiful weekend calls for a fun (and FREE) concert! Live in the Park will take place at Blackburn Park in the city of Brookhaven this Sunday, October 19th. Expect some live music from some [...]


BBQ Fernbank

Bourbon & BBQ

Usually when you go to the Fernbank Museum of Natural History, you go to learn. Am I right? There’s tons to discover…tons to read… But what if I gave you tons of bourbon instead? Well, [...]



Booty Shakin’ Bingo Saturday Night Shakedown

Okay, seriously the only reason I decided to write about this event is because booty-shakin’ and Bingo were used in the same title. How often does that happen? The Booty Shakin’ Bingo Saturday Night Shakedown [...]



Fall Festival on Ponce 2014

The weather is finally cooperating enough for us to officially say it’s Autumn! I’m so excited. This is my favorite season out of the entire year. And the Fall Festival on Ponce is ready to [...]


Bocce Ball

A Fierce Bocce Ball Tourney!

Think the Falcons are competitive on the field?  Wait until you see them square off in a “friendly” game of bocce ball!


Shane Penalties

Penalty for Wearing Cargo Pants!

Are you having a penalty free day?  Rise Up Weekly’s Shane Westerhold found quite a few violators when he went downtown during lunch hour on a busy weekday.


Matt Ryan INT

Matt Ryan One-on-One

Rise Up Weekly’s Coy Wire goes one on one with Matt Ryan.  What drives him?  What changes did he make this year?  Check out this candid conversation with the Falcons leader.


Shane British Sayings


The Falcons play the Detroit Lions in London October 26th.  We thought it might be fun to see how much fans know about British sayings.   Shane Westerhold ventured out and found that most were [...]



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