By Kaitlin Lehner

If there is anything that ‘Atlantans’ know how to do, it’s brunching. We brunch so hard, it’s possibly considered a sport here. This past Sunday, Park Tavern, did an excellent job of hosting all my brunch needs. Yes, brunching has needs!

kait brucnh Midtown Brunchfest Recap

That’s me up there. ^

First let me point out that there was a group performing at one point by the name of “NAKD,” and man did that guy have a set of unique pipes on him. They are definitely worth looking into!

nakd brunch Midtown Brunchfest Recap

Ok…..the food. So much food, so much goodness, so many choices where do I start? I am talking cheesy messy breakfast bowls, gooey warm donuts topped with treats, and savory salmon and cream bagels. #cheatday

bowl brunch Midtown Brunchfest Recap    donut brunch Midtown Brunchfest Recap    bagel brunch Midtown Brunchfest Recap

There were literally dozens of brunch drink options but I had my eye on the Bloody Mary Bar. So many garnishes, so much spice!

garnish brunch Midtown Brunchfest Recap    bartender brunch Midtown Brunchfest Recap

Everyone was in great spirits and I had a fantastic time. Can’t wait to tell you all about the next event. Thank you to Park Tavern for having me!

red brunch Midtown Brunchfest Recap    mimosa brunch Midtown Brunchfest Recap    group brunch Midtown Brunchfest Recap     2 ladies brunch Midtown Brunchfest Recap    joan brunch Midtown Brunchfest Recap

Oh and did I mention the oysters?

oyster brunch Midtown Brunchfest Recap


Love being in the know of all the goodness Atlanta has to offer? So do we! Keep up with the Kait’s 8 Events List, and we will keep up with you. #Kaits8

-Kaitlin Lehner / Atlanta’s CW



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