By Kaitlin Lehner

The Atlanta Sport and Social Club and City Winery teamed up on Saturday to throw an epic Atlanta day party. Otherwise known as the Uncorked Atlanta Wine Festival.

fullsizerender 2 Uncorked Wine Festival 2017

The first thing I want to point out is how impressed I was that this event was in the middle of the day and they had an amazing DJ (OneNate) downstairs getting everyone to participate in a full blown party.

fullsizerender 6 Uncorked Wine Festival 2017

There was never boring moment at this get together. Outside there were jumbo size games set up and inside you could either go on a tour of the winery or play at the photo booth with tons of props to choose from.

fullsizerender 12 Uncorked Wine Festival 2017

Am I missing anything? Oh yeah, the wine, I almost forgot ;). The entire reason we were all there. They really weren’t kidding when they said there would be a ton of wine and beer options to choose from. 10 stations, 2 floors, 30 wines, and 10 beers to go through.

fullsizerender 7 Uncorked Wine Festival 2017

The time flew by and I left me wanting more. On my way out I grabbed my purple souvenir shirt and got to keep my awesome little wine glass.

fullsizerender 4 Uncorked Wine Festival 2017

The Atlanta Sport and Social Club did an awesome job hosting me and I left one happy camper!

Stay tuned for recaps on future events in Atlanta, attended by yours truly!

Love being in the know of all the goodness Atlanta has to offer? So do we! Keep up with the Kait’s 8 Events List, and we will keep up with you. #Kaits8



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